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Major Reasons People Go for Fieldbus Cable and Connector

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What are Fieldbus cables and its connector? A Fieldbus connotes an assembly of industrial computer networks that allows input devices to interact with output devices.

Examples of these input devices include switches as well as ethernet sensors, and output devices example is drives and valves.

With a Fieldbus, you have the assurance of connecting numerous brands of devices to a singular industrial network efficiently and effectively.

This connection is possible with Fieldbus and you won’t need a controller before all your devices could be connected to your network.

However, for some years now serial connections or parallel wiring connection has been used by the major player for communication networks which limits the efficiency and productivity of the system. So, let us consider the role Fieldbus cable and connector play in the communication networks industry.

A brief history of the challenges faced by the industry for using a serial connection is that it only created room for just two devices to communicate effectively but largely towards the end of the 20th century, a breakthrough came through the evolution of serial connection that cumulates into having Fieldbus International Standard (FIS).

This evolution kickstarts the beginning of industrial network connection that gives Fieldbus cable and connector its popularity up till this present time.

Fieldbus cable and connector

Major Advantages of FiledBUS Cables and Connectors

What are the advantages of Fieldbus cable and connectors? Enumerated below are the advantages of Fieldbus cable and connector to the communication and networks industry.

1. Reduces cost

With Fieldbus cable and connector, you have the assurance of creating secured communication networks with just fewer cables that you need for connection, therefore you spend less.

2. Cable requirement for networking

One of the advantages of Fieldbus cables and connectors is that the number of cables required for networks is few and when you could join numerous devices to a single controller and connection point there is no need for plenty of cables.

This is the reason why Fieldbus cables and connectors are better and preferable to parallel wiring configuration.  

3. Reliability and efficiency

Fieldbus cables and connectors are known for their reliability when compared to parallel wiring configurations.

And this is because they have a tiny signal footpath, make better the efficiency as well as the reliability of the networking system.

4. Mode of Installation

You don’t need to worry. Installation of Fieldbus cable and connector is very easy because you don’t need plenty of cables to join before your communication network could start functioning.

With this, you are increasing productivity by saving effort as well as time. This is also a reason why Fieldbus cable and connectors are better off than parallel wiring configuration.  

Moreover, you need to know some Fieldbus protocols that are available base on their industry applicability.

These Fieldbus protocols are Interbus, Ethernet, Device Net, CAN, EtherCAT, Profinent, Profibus, and so on.

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