Application-focused Solutions.

Experienced Manufacturer.

Connectors, Cables and Solutions for maximum demands

Amissiontech develops and manufactures interconnection solutions of high performance reliabilities for various area of application by identifying their requirements from the early design-in process so that we can meet them. Especially for automation industry and other harsh environmental application, we offer outstanding standards of services and quality, which includes customized design , ongoing innovation, production optimization, efficient manufacturing and cost reduction etc.

UL certified manufacturing plant

Ingenious details by expert engineers to develop from the first idea through to series

production for even small production runs with clever ideas fitting for demanding applications

Allocation and qualification of a replacement team for sample production and smallest series

manufacturing, construction of manufacturing tools.

Order-related and irregular manufacturing of smallest series.

Cable harness with from single strands, protective and heat-shrink tubing, additionally

outsourced components and AMSone connectors.

Standard or Non-standard cable solutions for different applications.

Industrial cable assembly with AMSONE-Connectors manufactured for performance reliabilities

Tks to the gained experiences of sales and manufactures, Amissiontech offers a comprehensive range of finished industrial cable assemblies to meet your requirements mainly for industrial application. Specifically cables assemblies with AMSONE connectors, are manufactured of high performance reliabilities.

Industrial cable assembly

Customized cable & wire harnesses with outstanding quality

Amissiontech offers a comprehensive range of cable harnesses from simple to high complex for meeting the needs and specifications of our customers through flexible production solutions from fully automated, semi-automatic, to manual cable assembly depending on your need of prototypes, pilot series, or large-scale production.

Customized cable & wire harnesses

Development partner for customer specific solutions

In addition to our standard connectors and OEM manufacturing, we also have rich experience in tailor-made non-standard interconnection applications request from the first idea through development up, prototyping to series production.

Customized specific solutions

Cables of high performances

No matter whether sturdy and durable or miniaturized and sensitive, we offer either field-proven solutions or join forces with you to develop a cable design that’s optimally-tailored to you specific needs.

Bulk cables

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