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AMSONE Circular Connectors

AMSONE circular connectors-Amissiontech offers wide range of M5 to M23 circular connectors and also deep-sea watertight...

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Industrial Cable Assemblies With AMSONE-connectors

Industrial cable assemblies with AMSONE connectors-Amissiontech provides cable assemblies which can perfectly match...

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Customized Cable Harness

Custom cable harness/assemblies- Amissiontech offers a comprehensive range of cable harness/assemblies from simple to high...

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Application-focused Manufactured Solutions

Application-focused manufactured solutions- In addition to our standard connectors and OEM manufacturing, we also have rich...

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Find Us Always Problem-free Connection Solutions For Your Projects

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Application-focused Design Capabilities.

In-house Manufacturing Garanteeded Quality Products.

Flexible Customization Solutions.

All-in-ONE Services For Industrial Connectors And Cables.

The right solutions for every application!

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Industrial Automation

Trasportation Infrastructure

Marine and Offshore Application

Railway System

Diving Systems and Equipment

Device Manufacturing

Medical Device

Machine Building


Our core value focuses on performance reliabilities and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the cost effective manufacturer for industrial connectors and cables.

-The ISO9001:2015 quality management system is a proven tool employed internationally to address such requirments.

-All our products are developed and delivered according to international standards, such as CE, UL, IEC, RoHS and REACH.

-Our plant is qualified by both annual audit by GIC and quarterly audit by UL.

IP67 protection degree

UL certified connectors E517859


UL certified E497120

CE certificate


Credit Demonstration Unit

Audited Supplier by SGS


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An Importance of a proper circular connector installation


A circular connector is a type of electrical connector that features a cylindrical or round-shaped housing and is designed to facilitate the connection and disconnection of electrical or electronic devices.It consists of male and female parts that fit together to establish a secure and reliable electrical connection.Circular connectors are widely used in various industries and applications, includ...

An Importance of a proper circular connector installation

The Benefits of Using Shielded Fieldbus Cables and Connectors


In industrial automation, reliable communication is crucial. Shielded fieldbus cables and connectors play a vital role in ensuring seamless data transfer. This blog post explores the advantages of using shielded fieldbus cables and connectors, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications.Understanding Shielded Fieldbus Cables and ConnectorsBefore we delve into the benefits, let's have a...

The Benefits of Using Shielded Fieldbus Cables and Connectors

Field Bus Cable Connectors; Their Operation and Advantages


Field bus cable connectors are electrical connectors that are used to connect field devices, such as sensors and actuators, to a field bus network. A field bus is a digital communication system that allows field devices to exchange data with a central control system. Let's talk about how field bus connectors work and their advantages.Operations of Fieldbus cable connectorsThere are several types o...

Field Bus Cable Connectors; Their Operation and Advantages


Amissiontech Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial connectors and cable harnesses with design capabilities. We, in the southern part of China,maintains a R&D center, lab and assembly workshops with an area about 1500sqm. Equiped with modern facilities and combined with cost/quality/delivery control-oriented Enterprise Resources Planning, we strive to be a reliable partner ,"AMSONE", an Application focused ,Manufacturer guaranteed Solution provider by offering all-in-ONE services with no compromise in quality.

In addition to our standard connectors manufacturing, we also have rich experience in tailor-made non-standard interconnection applications request from the first idea through development up, prototyping to series production.

Our R&D team works on tooling development and design evaluation, integrating with in-house processes such as cable preparation, contacting, inner and outer molding, final assembly, testing, labeling and packing and inspection.

We are able to offer flexible manufacturing and best technical solutions for whatever type of connection you need, which also means highly available, durable, and efficient in custom designing and production!


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