With the industrial 4.0 development, the IO-Link Module serves as a communication device within automation technology, which links sensors and actuators to higher-level automatic systems. It helps to transform these components into active participants in processes with Amissionech’s innovative design and facilitates enhanced communication between devices and system controllers. The automation industry would become more efficient and adaptable, applicable with the help of the IO-Link device that is produced by Amissiontech.· UL certified: E497120/E517859.· 8 channels of independent IO-Link port.· IP67 dust-proof and water-proof features.· M12 power connector adopted,Connector standard: UL 2238.· Output terminal for power supply, PROFINET Currents up to 9 A.· IO Link General International Standard: IEC 61131-9.· Supports online information diagnosis and Easy settings through a web browser.· Integrated device automatic recognition, compatible with machines and systems....


Top Circular Connector Manufacturer

AMSone circular connectors offer a wide range of industrial waterproof circular connectors such as M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, 7/8" to M23 and other circular connectors, from small to large, straight or angled, molded or field-assembly for safe and problem-free transmission of signals, data, and power by applying shielded metal housings in extremely rough industrial environments.Amissiontech as a professional standard industrial circular connector and waterproof cable harness manufacturer, has strong and professional design and production capabilities.Our connectors are available in various codings, for example the M12 A-code, M12 B-code and M12 D-code. For signal transmission for small sensor/actuator device connection technology, M8 and M12 D, B, X, Y coding offer ideal solutions for all common FieldBUS and Network for data communication, M12 power series in S,T,K,L,M coding supply energy to electrical drivers and controllers.In addition, customized specific solutions can be available in various types, lengths, assemblies and packing for individual adaptations according to your requirements. Rest assured we provide standard industrial waterproof connectors....



AMSone FieldBUS cables and connectors are quality components for automation processes. With their convincing characteristics, for example high functionality, maximum EMI/RFI safety, quick connection and compact design, our FieldBUS have proven to be successful in various machines and facilities.Further typical characteristics of our ProfiNet, CAN-BUS, DeviceNet, ProfiBUS, EtherNet cables and connectors, multiport distribution box and T&Y splitter or adapters are, in addition to the high quality standards, their tested quick connection solutions and compact construction method.Thanks to AMSone FieldBUS, sensors and actuators are safely and reliably connected with the control unit during the transfer of signal and data. Fully shielded Zinc die-cast housings available for a maximum functionality even in extreme disruptive factors....


Deep-sea water tight connectors, cables

Deep-sea water tight connectors are developed based on the increasing request for underwater instruments, equipment and systems to the demanding underwater industry, Amissiontech developed a new high performance underwater pluggable electrical connectors.-Versions in different standard shell sizes with contacts rated at 600 V up to 10 A. -Manufactured from high-grade Neoprene.-Variety of body material options and feature with high ocean depth rating. -Sealing capability and utilize a uniform contact size and design....



No matter whether sturdy and durable or miniaturized and sensitive, we offer either field-proven solutions or join forces with you to develop a cable design which is optimally-tailored to your specific needs.-Standard PVC & PUR cable (UL2464, UL2517, UL2586, UL20549, UL20963 and etc.,)-Special drag chain cable-Underwater cable-Robot cable-Underwater cable-Other customized cable...


New products

More new products are coming soon and we will keep you posted.......


Amissiontech develops dust-proof caps applied under the unplugged open status for both male and female connectors which can protect our connectors from dust or water invading and also bulk cables to meet customer specific needs and also other accessories like Pins/Housing/Contact Carrier and others....


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