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What are the Features of Circular Connectors

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The circular connector is a kind of connector with a cylindrical basic structure and a circular mating surface. The circular connector is used for the interconnection between devices.

Generally speaking, it includes circular low-frequency connectors, coaxial radio-frequency connectors, and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector has a natural solidity and greater resistance than any other shape. This article will talk about the basic features of circular connectors in detail.

Advantages of our circular connectors

i. Circular connectors are ideal for applications that require electrical connectors with stronger terminals.

ii. They have a cylindrical shape which makes them particularly resistant to mechanical turbulence.

iii. They are also resistant to impact damage.

iv. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector has natural strength and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape.

v.  It is easy to process with standard machine tools.

vi.  It is easier to seal and easy to insert and disconnect.

vii. It possesses a simple and firm locking mechanism.

viii. Technological development has given it a complete and reasonable process and high reliability.

Features of circular connectors

Plugs and sockets are mainly connected by wires. The number of terminals can vary from two to hundreds, and it has the characteristics of small size and high reliability. It can meet the needs of a wired connection between electronic devices.

M12 K coded connector

Here are the simple features of a circular connector.

· Contact pin

The contact pin is the center part of the circular connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, a pair of contacts consists of a female contact pin and a male contact, and the electrical connection is made by inserting the female and male contact pins.

· Accessories

Accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as locating pins, clamp rings, coupling rings, sealing rings, guide pins, locating keys, cable clamps, gaskets, and many more.

Examples of installation accessories include spring coils, nails, and rods.  Most of these accessories have common parts and standard parts.

·  Insulator

The insulator is also usually called a base or mounting plate. Its primary function is to arrange the contact parts according to the required position and spacing and to ensure the insulation performance between the contact parts and between the contact part and the casing.

· Shell

The shell is the outer shell of the circular connector. Shell provides mechanical protection for the mounting plate and built-in insulator pins. It also helps plug and socket alignment when mated, and then fixes the connector to the device.

Applications of circular connectors

i. Circular connectors work for robot applications, servo motors, encoders, sensors, portable chains, and equipment.

ii. Circular connectors can be provided mounted, with diverse types of cables, that meet the most simple requirements to big demanding applications.

iii. It fits in where highly flexible cables are required with special coating, allowing especially use in most aggressive industrial areas.

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