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AMSone circular connectors offer a wide range of industrial waterproof circular connectors such as M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, 7/8" to M23 and other circular connectors, from small to large, straight or angled, molded or field-assembly for safe and problem-free transmission of signals, data, and power by applying shielded metal housings in extremely rough industrial environments.

Amissiontech as a professional standard industrial circular connector and waterproof cable harness manufacturer, has strong and professional design and production capabilities.

Our connectors are available in various codings, for example the M12 A-code, M12 B-code and M12 D-code. For signal transmission for small sensor/actuator device connection technology, M8 and M12 D, B, X, Y coding offer ideal solutions for all common FieldBUS and Network for data communication, M12 power series in S,T,K,L,M coding supply energy to electrical drivers and controllers.

In addition, customized specific solutions can be available in various types, lengths, assemblies and packing for individual adaptations according to your requirements. Rest assured we provide standard industrial waterproof connectors.

Circular connectors, mainly used in the industrial world, are cylindrical multi-pin electronic connectors with a circular plug surface, used for interpolation connections between devices. Circular connectors contain contacts for transmitting data and power and typically include low frequency ring connectors, RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. The cylindrical construction of circular connectors is naturally robust and offers greater strength than any other shape.

Circular connectors are often referred to as industrial connectors and the accessories are manufactured according to industrial standards. Standard industrial circular connectors have two parts: a multi-pin male plug and a female receptacle. The plugs and sockets of circular connectors fit into each other and are used to supply power to electrical equipment or transmit electrical signals. Common circular connector accessories include connector shells, locking sleeves, reeds, pins,, terminals, waterproof gaskets, dust covers, etc. The shell of the circular connector is made of zinc alloy or PBT engineering plastic material to ensure the overall solidity of the connector.

Circular Connector Types

Industrial Circular Connectors Main Applications

The cylindrical construction of circular connectors is naturally robust and offers higher strength than any other shape. Because of its excellent robustness, circular connectors are widely used in military, aerospace and industrial applications. Commonly used in industrial areas, where it is used on large electronic devices, such as measurement, control technology, automation technology, communications, medical, robotics, transportation, etc.

Select and wholesale standard industrial waterproof connectors, recognize AMSone. AMSone is a professional circular connector and circular connector accessories manufacturer and supplier, which can provide high quality standard industrial circular connectors and also can provide professional OEM service.


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