Amissiontech Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial connectors and cable harnesses with design capabilities.  We, in the southern part of China,maintains a R&D center, lab and assembly workshops  with an area about 2000sqm. Equiped with modern  facilities and combined with cost/quality/delivery control-oriented Enterprise Resources Planning, we strive to be a reliable partner ,"AMSONE",  an Application focused ,Manufacturer guaranteed Solution provider by offering all-in-ONE services with no compromise in quality.

In addition to our standard connectors manufacturing, we also have rich experience in tailor-made non-standard interconnection applications request from the first idea through development up, prototyping to series production.

Our R&D team works on tooling development and design evaluation, integrating with in-house processes such as cable preparation, contacting, inner and outer molding, final assembly, testing, labeling and packing and inspection.

We are able to offer flexible manufacturing and best technical solutions for whatever type of connection you need, which also means highly available, durable, and efficient in custom designing and production!

Your Project Development Partner

What's your connection concept?  Which connector system and kinds of housing? What kinds of cable? Such and many more questions as well as lots of hidden details come along with cable assemblies, AMISSIONTECH always help to work out best technical solution for your application, from manufactured connectors to individual cables. In addition, AMISSIONTECH’s matured products can be adjusted according to your specific needs.

Want to be a front runner? AMISSIONTECH help you to develop and launch new products from first step ahead of completion.

In order to turn your comprehensive investments into good result of increasing profits, we do anything we can to maintain you a high pace in your product development through full control of time and cost, flexible solutions, and supreme quality products are guaranteed by

  • Our experts in contact technology and connectors.

  • Providing design concepts-feasibility studies, 3D drafts and FMEA.

  • Allocation of a project manager with technical and commercial competence.

  • Purchasing department with a wide network.

  • A superior prototype team.

All-IN-ONE Services for Your Project Managements

In order to be more competitive and distinguished ourselves from other suppliers in the area of cable assemblies, AMISSIONTECH offer connectors of its own connector series AM(screw locking M5/8/9/12/16/23 and 7/8” et.), SC(blind mating Deep-sea watertight) as well as CP(Push-Pull) from a single source. In result short response time and a quick realization of inquiries guaranteed by

  • The combination of connector production and cable assembly at one production site.

  • Assemblies with bought-in components are also possible.

  • Solutions that cables and connectors can be equipped with overmolded parts and/or specially molded piece parts, such as strain relief or cable gland.

  • New investment for equipment to fulfil production and technical request.


Superior Quality Control and On-time Delivery

It's that superior quality and test, as well motivate and qualified workforce, advanced production equipment, keep AMISSIONTECH continuously gain more and more customers' recognition. We take full quality on each step, strict raw material selection and inspection, 100% semi-finished test, and 100% final test by comparable test equipment to simulate even the toughest industrial environments.

All processes guarantee high-performance, reliable and long lifetime for our customers.



Our core value focuses on performance reliabilities and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the an cost effective manufacturer for industrial connectors and cables.

-The ISO9001:2015 quality management system is a proven tool employed internationally to address such requirments.

-All our products are developed and delivered according to international standards, such as CE, UL, IEC, Rohns and Reach.

-Our plant is qualified by both annual audit by GIC and quarterly audit by UL.


UL certified E497120

CE certificate


Credit Demonstration Unit

Audited Supplier by SGS


IP67 protection degree.jpg

IP67 protection degree

UL certified connectors E517859.jpg

UL certified connectors E517859




We will fight until the Coronavirus outbreak goes away,looking forward to the spring blossoms! Come on Wuhan, Come on China, Come on Amissiontech!


Thanks to the effort of all Amissiontech employees and guidline of the business concepts for our valuable customers, Amissiontech Dongguan got ISO90001:2015 and UL certified : E497120 one year after the factory started.The same year of 2017, self-owned brand “AMSone”registed successfully for industrial connectors and cables.In addition, We added Deep-sea watertight connectors to our product profiles and buid an professional engineering R&D team to offer custom design services to customers.

To activly response to the call of the new policy for environmetal polution control from Chinese goverment,AmissionPCB invest their own a new manufacturing plant in Longyan of Fujian province, which guaranteed the safty manufacturing capabilities in PCB industry and  contributed to the  environmental polution control process to all humanbeings.


In the meantime of new set-up implemented, Amissiontech tried to be more active in the whole world and the first time showed as a formal exhibitor in Electronicia Munich and ATX-WEST in Anaheim US in 2014 .After that, we continuesly to promote our products and services to specific industrial fields by attending SPS IPC DRIVE exhibition in Nurmburg of Germany. With gained experiences and customer supports, Amissiontech decided to develop and manufacturing our own industrial waterproof connectors,which leaded to establishment of manufacturing plant of connectors and cables in Changan area next to Shenzhen in the year of 2016.


In order to offer professional customer services and expand our business worldwide, Amissiontech obsorbed new investments and was reorganized by separating PCB manufacturing from other products lines.In result, A branch company established especially for selling products ,such as industrial connectors (Screw locking series M5/M8/M12/M16 especially for FieldBus application, and Push-pull locking series), cable harnesses,PCB assembly,box build, and etc. In addition, AmissionPCB manufacturing plant got UL certified:E469266 year of 2013.


With manufacturing capabilities of PCB and offerring value added service , Amissiontech's business growing rapidly and enjoyed a lot more customers from every industries.In order to fulfil high demanding customer request from aboard, an independent overseas sales and project management team started up.


Amissiontech was established in as a trading company year of 2004 offering one stop manufacturing solutions from PCB to complete box-build. The next year, Amissiontech invested a manufacturing plant for Printed Circuit Board in Fuyong of Shenzhen area.


We delivered quality products and safe connection solutions to keep the world running in every areas.


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