With the industrial 4.0 development, the IO-Link Module serves as a communication device within automation technology, which links sensors and actuators to higher-level automatic systems. It helps to transform these components into active participants in processes with Amissionech’s innovative design and facilitates enhanced communication between devices and system controllers. The automation industry would become more efficient and adaptable, applicable with the help of the IO-Link device that is produced by Amissiontech.

· UL certified: E497120/E517859.

· 8 channels of independent IO-Link port.

· IP67 dust-proof and water-proof features.

· M12 power connector adopted,Connector standard: UL 2238.

· Output terminal for power supply, PROFINET Currents up to 9 A.

· IO Link General International Standard: IEC 61131-9.

· Supports online information diagnosis and Easy settings through a web browser.

· Integrated device automatic recognition, compatible with machines and systems.


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