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How to Wire M8 Circular Connector? Step-by-Step Guide

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Say that you selected the M8 circular connector for an industrial-grade application. Now you need to know how to wire it up correctly. Here is a complete guide with all the steps to do it yourself.

How to wire M8 circular connector? Step-by-step guide.

Follow these steps to wire your M8 circular connector perfectly.

1. Get the right M8 circular connector.

The most important thing in the wiring process is getting the right connector. These connectors are available with 3-6 and 9 pins, so you need to select which makes the right choice for your application.

Once you select the connector type, get male and female customized according to your needs. It will help in project creation and future troubleshooting, as you will know better about your wiring schematic.

M8 circular connector

2. Choose the male and female connectors based on input and output.

Next, you must choose the male and female connectors based on the input. It depends on the use case, but there are 2 main conditions that you may follow.

1. If one device may work with several sources, install the female on the device, and all the source wires can use a male connector.

2. If the source has dangerous voltage levels, get a female installed on the source, as when disconnected, it will not have any connection points that you may touch with bare hands.

3. Wire up the connectors and install them correctly.

You can get the connectors customized or not, depending on your requirements. Similarly, you can choose a pre-wired configuration and a soldering option. No matter which one you go with, wire your connectors at both ends and ensure that you are installing them correctly. Proper hole drilling and installation of the connector at both ends are essential to get the benefit of the IP67 rating.

4. Insert the connectors keeping the notches upright.

Note both connectors, and you will see both male and female connectors have notches in them. These ensure that the connectors are inserted in perfect orientation every time. These notches prevent you from installing the connector in the wrong orientation. So, line those up and insert the connector as far as they go.

5. Tighten the screw and secure the connection.

You can tighten the screw with your hand, but to get reliable IP67 protection, it is recommended to use pliers or a wrench of the right size. It may help secure the connection between female and male connectors, so they won't come apart unless unscrewed.

6. Test by running the circuit.

Lastly, you need to do a test run on the circuit while taking all precautionary measures. If everything runs fine, it works that you have successfully wired up the custom designed M8 circular connectors, and now you may use it under all types of industrial situations.

Get your M8 circular connector customized according to your applications' requirements.

Soldering may not be an option for everyone, so get your M8 circular connector customized according to your requirements and simplify your project.


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