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How Does the M12 Coded Connector Work?

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Circular coded connectors like the M12 coded connector are one of the most commonly used connectors for industrial applications. If you plan to use it, it is important to know how these work.

How does the M12 coded connector work?

Here is everything you need to know about how to do the M12 connectors work.

1. Male and female connectors are wired.

Selecting the connectors is the first step. There are the M12 coded connectors available as a pair of male and female. These have different pin configurations, including:

· 4

· 5

· 8

· 12

· 17

So, for your application to work perfectly, you must select the right pin configuration and assemble the connector. In most cases, these connectors are used by soldering individual wires onto the connection pins for a secure connection.

M12 A coded connector

2. M12 coded connector connects only with the designated connector.

M12 coded connectors are usually used for transmitting either power or data. So, they have their designated connector configuration as well. Say that you get a 5-pin male M12 connector; the best way to use it will be with a 5-pin M12 female connector with the same pin configuration.

It is because when you join both connectors, those pins will create a connection, and if you have more source pins than receiver pins, you may not successfully make all the connections with the circuit at the backend.

3. The screw is fastened to ensure a secure connection.

A temporary yet secure connection is one of the most important things about these M12 coded connectors. It is because the connection becomes strong when the screw is fastened, and it cannot be opened without loosening the screw. Any load or jerk stays on the connector and is not transferred to the wires inside the appliance/device. Tightening the connection this way also provides IP67 protection to the circuit.

4. When the connection is needed to be removed, the screw can be unscrewed.

M12 coded connector is used specifically for the applications that may need the connections to be changed. For instance, it can connect a high-power battery or a sensor that may need replacement or switching after some time.

So, whenever required, the screw can be loosened, and the connection will be removed. The best part is that devices can be interchanged using these connectors as long as the same wiring scheme is followed.

5. Customers can get specific application-based connectors.

Suppose you want to design a project with multiple segments that can work together with modularity. In that case, you need to get these connectors customized according to your application.

With your bespoke wiring, you will only need to solder/connect wires to the circuit at the backend, and the M12 connector will be ready to transmit data or power. This way, using different modules with various applications becomes easier.

Make your projects much more robust with an M12 coded connector.

With the right size diameter and the correct number of pins, these can make the perfect choice for any industrial application. The shielding versions of the M12 coded connector bring further reliability. So, if you are working on a project with reliability requirements, try the M12 connector for a robust and reliable experience.


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