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Everything You Need to Know About Circular Connectors

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Today we have multiple types of connectors to connect wires with devices for power or data transfer. For most end-user products, the USB-C is a common connector type, but circular connectors make the best choice for industrial uses.

What are the different types of circular connectors?

As the name says, these connectors are circular; however, they can only be connected in one specific way. A major feature of their shape is that they can be connected with a screw that holds the connection tight. In terms of types, several options range from M5 to M23, with each of the connectors serving a specific purpose.

How do circular connectors make a difference?

Most uses of circular connectors need a strong connection, and for such a strong connection, either soldering is the right choice or using nuts to secure the wire in specific joints. However, these connectors make a difference in so many ways. Here are a few ways how these can be a great addition to any industrial-grade project.

M12 M coded connector

· Waterproofing

The first big difference is waterproofing. While you can secure everything tightly, making a water-tight seal is hard. Even if you enclose the body with sealants, if wires are coming out, sealing that part will not only be difficult, but it will be very costly as well.

With circular connectors, it becomes significantly easy, and any application can have a problem-free data transmission, power transmission, or both simultaneously. It is because both male and female connectors are separate, and they can waterproof separately.

· Strong connection

Industrial applications, whether transmitting data signals or power, always need a strong connection that stays strong under all circumstances. Direct soldering of wires can harm the connection and the connection points on the PCB.

Using these connectors firstly gains strength from the structure of the body. Secondly, the male and female connectors are connected with a screw and but that does not loosen up on its own. Thus, you may achieve a very strong connection.

· Protection from corrosion and stable connection

Signal integrity is crucial for different applications, and in some cases, simple corrosion blocking out the efficiency of the connection can lead to huge blunders because of inefficient signals. That is not the case with these connectors.

As they are waterproof and strong, there is no movement between the male and female connections. With no movement, there is no sparking or corrosion, so there is nothing that may disturb the signal integrity.

· Multiple connections in a small space

USB C is so common because it holds multiple connections in such a small place. The same is the concept with these connectors. One connector can have multiple wires connected to it, meaning that one whole body gets all its connections sorted with 1 wire with the help of these connectors. Thus, it helps in troubleshooting, upgradation, etc.

Find out which one of the circular connectors meets your needs.

With many benefits of these connectors and different types available, these might be a great addition to your next project. So, find out which of the circular connectors makes the right pick for your use case.


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