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How To Choose Industrial Circular Connectors?

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What is an industrial circular connector?

Industrial circular connectors can also be called circular aviation plugs, circular aviation plugs or circular interconnects. They are multi-pin electrical connectors with a cylindrical basic structure and a circular mating surface. In the interconnection category, It belongs to category 5 and is used for interconnection between devices. Industrial circular connectors include contacts for transmitting data and power, and broadly include low-frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector has natural sturdiness and higher strength than any other shape.

 circular connector

What are the circular connector accessories?

Circular connectors are often referred to as industrial connectors, and the accessories are made in accordance with industry standards. The circular aviation plug has two parts: a socket and a plug. Common accessories include connector shells, reeds, pins, pins, terminals, waterproof gaskets, and dust caps. The shell of the circular connector is made of zinc alloy or PBT engineering plastic material to ensure the overall robustness of the connector.


How to choose a circular connector? What are the selection criteria for circular connectors?

1. Circular connector bayonet type: When purchasing circular connectors, pay attention to choosing a suitable and matching bayonet type, mainly including 1/4 fast bayonet connection, plug-in connection, latch connection, and quick plug-in connection Connection, thread connection, zipper connection, etc.;

2. Circular connector connection mode: crimp connection, welding connection, nut locking connection, cast cable, etc.;

3. Round aviation plug right-angle type and angle type;

4. Needle circular aerial plug and pinhole circular aerial plug;

5. Does the circular connector have shielding performance: The circular aerial plugs used in different environments have different shielding requirements. Some connector manufacturers that provide personalized customization services will have industrial connectors with different shielding effects according to customer needs.

6. Hole position and model of circular connector: When purchasing a circular connector, in addition to considering conventional connector standards, such as M8 and M12 connectors, it is also necessary to check whether the hole position diagram of the connector meets the standard.

7. Selection of the number of cores of the circular connector;

8. Manufacturers of circular connectors: The quality of industrial aviation plugs is mainly reflected in the internal materials, structure, workmanship, etc. These features are often impossible to judge externally. Therefore, when purchasing circular connectors, you should first consider a well-known connector manufacturer with a good reputation and deep cultivating industry technology,

9. If they can provide customized circular connector services: Some industries require special connector standards and may not be available on the market. At this time, you should choose a circular connector manufacturer that can perform personalized customization.

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Looking for a circular connector supplier?

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