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Brief Introduction of Industrial Cable Assemblies

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How Cable Assemblies Work

Any type of cable assembly can be identified by the plugs and receptacles that are attached to its ends. Actually, the connectors featured in an industrial cable assembly are determined by the application for which it has been manufactured. Along with that, the nature of application also determines the dimensions and electrical specifications of the cable assembly, as well as the approvals and certifications required. These days, various suppliers offer custom industrial cables and assemblies for automotive, audio/video (AV), radio frequency (RF), and telecommunication applications. Manufacturers also offer custom cable assemblies for personal computers (PCs) and local area network (LAN) applications, as well as industrial control and instrumentation systems. Manufacturers offer various types of custom cable assemblies such as cordage, patch cords, and cable extenders to suit a variety of applications.


What are the major products of a cable assembly in the industry?

The major cable assembly products in the industry are as below: 

ü Rectangular Assemblies

ü Fiber Optic Assemblies

ü Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

ü Radio Frequency Assemblies

ü Application or Custom Specific Assemblies

ü Circular Assemblies


What are the different types of cable assemblies?

The different types of cable assemblies are as below: 

ü Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

ü Coaxial Cable Assemblies

ü Military Grade Cable Assemblies

ü Molded Cable Assemblies

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Benefits Of Custom Cable Assemblies


Custom cables are manufactured as per the specifications in the design. This makes their application extremely precise to fit into the tolerance level detailed for the assembly.


An exact amount of cables can be ordered tailored to the needs of the application. There is no wastage, nor are any excessive cables left after the assembly is completed. The exact count for conductor, size and stranding can be optimized during the design of the assembly.


The length of each cable can be manufactured exactly as per the requirement of the project. This makes the set up clean without any need to hide additional cables and wires.


The person working with the custom cable assembly will have a closer association with the cable manufacturer. The manufacturer therefore is accountable for the quality and standard of the cables that have been ordered, as well as ensures that the set up is functional as desired.

Material Requirement

Materials used for construction of the cable such as shield, insulation, jacketing material can all be specified to suit the application. Control on the material sources and manufacturing process can also be detailed in case of critical applications such as the medical industry.

Quality Assurance

Applicable test data such as electrical parameters, tolerances, temperature performance and resistance to chemical exposure can all be supplied by the custom cable manufacturer to ensure that the cable is tested for the given parameters before assembly.

Saves Time

Custom cables save many hours which would have otherwise been spent struggling with making standard cables fit the needs of the application. Hurdles like cable length, connector ends, resistance of cables, faulty cables and mismatch of specification can all be eliminated by just ordering custom cables.


In need of cable assembly supplier?

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