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Applications for M8 Cable Connectors

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M8 Cable Connectors for sensitive applications has reliable EMC with 360° shielding in order to reach high requirements. Industry knowledge and experience in industrial circular connectors are both recognized hallmarks of binder. The company operates in many fields of application thanks to its comprehensive range of products the latest of which is a molded M8 circular connector. Part of the 718 Series, the new connector provides high reliability under advanced requirements – even for customized specifications – with a new type of shielding concept.


M8 Cable Connectors for sensitive applications is among the smaller sizes in the constantly expanding binder range and increases binder’s presence into application areas where size and performance will constantly increase in the future. In addition to the basic properties of M8 connectors such as compact size and low weight, the new 718 Series connector, which is available now, differs mainly from other approaches in its application areas by a new type of 360° shielding.


Fields of application and product properties

The shielding concept, used for the first time in this environment, ensures particularly reliable EMC shielding without interference. This property in the M8 format makes the circular connector useful primarily in applications such as sensor technology, laboratory equipment and drive solutions. As with many connectors in the binder portfolio, this product can also be implemented as a customized design. binder offers four versions of the new cable connector with 3, 4, 6 or 8 pins. Degree of protection IP 67 is provided in all versions of this model as is a mechanical lifetime of more than 100 mating cycles.


The rated voltage and rated current differ depending on the number of pins. The 3-pin and 4-pin versions offer 60 V and 2 A up to 4 A, depending on the conductor cross-section. The 6-pin and 8-pin designs can handle up to 30 V and 1.5 A. The cable is optionally available in PVC or PUR. In addition, the cable length can be configured to customer requirements.

 M8 Cable Connectors

Important component of a growing spectrum

With the constantly growing portfolio of M8 Cable Connectors for sensitive applications, binder can provide enhanced products primarily to those application fields requiring a great degree of flexibility in a small space and whose importance in the future will continue to increase greatly. Finally, binder is developing a 12-pin M8 connector that has already proven itself capable in measuring equipment applications and in automation.


Are you looking for a M8 connector supplier?

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In addition to our standard connectors manufacturing, we also have rich experience in tailor-made non-standard interconnection applications request from the first idea through development up, prototyping to series production.

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