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General Tips on How to Maintain Your M24 Bayonet Connectors

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M24 bayonet Connectors are designed to require minimal maintenance and to operate reliably for many years. However, to ensure optimal operation and minimal insertion loss, fiber ends and optical ports must be kept clean at all times.

Cleaning properly also prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other foreign substances, particularly between connector pins.

In case you have been wondering what is right, here are some practical steps on how to keep your connectors in good condition.

1. When inserting an M24 bayonet connector ferrule into a sleeve or adapter, make sure the ferrule tip does not come into contact with the outside of the mating sleeve or adapter. Otherwise, the fiber ends will rub against an inappropriate surface, resulting in scratches and dirt deposits on the fiber.

Please keep in mind that the ceramic or metal sleeves inside the adapter are very tight. Rotate the ferrule in the adapter carefully to align it with the connector key. Do not attempt to force the ferrule into the adapter.

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2. When there is a disconnect or an unwanted contact, you must perform the inspection and, if necessary, the cleaning procedure. This helps to ensure that patch cords remain in the best possible condition and, as a result, that transmission and measurement readings remain accurate.

However, this procedure does not replace careful patchcord handling. Although protective caps are required, they do not guarantee the cleanliness or quality of a patchcord.

3. Cleaning the M24 bayonet connectors is difficult because a single-mode fiber's core diameter is only about 9 m. This generally means that without specialized equipment, you will be unable to see scratches on its surface.

A fiber inspection probe, such as the FIP-400, is required to ensure the surface condition of the connection and to check it before and after cleaning. Because the image of the connector can be viewed on screen.

4. The M24 bayonet connector power meter detectors must be kept clean at all times to ensure maximum accuracy of power measurements. When not in use, the detector(s) should be protected with a cap. In addition, the optical source port and fiber end should be cleaned regularly to reduce insertion loss.

How to clean a fiber end of M24 Bayonet Connectors

Follow the steps below to thoroughly clean fiber ends:

1. Check that the fiber is not active.

2. Take off the protective caps.

3. Using your FIP, inspect the connector for cleanliness. When there is no debris touching the cladding or the core, the patchcord is clean.

4. If the connector is dirty, wipe the fiber end gently with a cotton swab or lint-free wipe.

5. Check the connector's cleanliness a second time with your FIP. When there is no debris touching the cladding or the core, the patchcord is clean.

6. If the connector remains dirty after two dry cleanings, perform a "wet cleaning" on it and then gently wipe the fiber end with a dry cotton swab or lint-free wipe.

7. Check the connector's cleanliness a third time with your FIP.

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