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Cable And Connectors Types And Their Application

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Cable and connectors are used to ensure the wiring of electrical connection is done safely. Also they ensure that there is an easy joining of two or more cables or sets of wires during electrical works. It's available in a wide range of different types for various applications.

Cable and connectors are an electrician's essential toolbox because it helps in reducing the time spent on joining two cables or connecting of sets of wire together. Cable and connectors are innovated to ensure that connections are secured and safe, also suitable for solid, flexible, and stranded conductors.

However, while considering the type of cable and connectors, the type of data transfer, advantages, purpose are all classified. Cables are classified as;

· Twisted pair

· Coaxial

The twisted pair consists of pairs of insulated copper wire that are color-coded, one of which carried the signal and the other cable is used for ground connections. Each of the two wires is twisted around each other and form pairs that are packed into plastics sheath in which each wire consist of 0.4mm - 0.7mm.

The number of pairs initiated during wiring determines the cable type and also the more you twist a pair of wires the less the cross talk. The most significant effect of twist pair is that it reduces the noise effect or interferences caused by the radiofrequency of the electromagnetic interferences.

Cable and connectors

There are two types of twisted pair cable which are;

· Shielded Twisted cable (STP)

· Unshielded Twisted pair cable (UTP).

The shielded twisted cable adds a conductive layer to its cable or surrounds its cable such as a metal foil or mesh. The purpose of the shielded twisted cable is because it allows a high transmission rate.

Advantage of the shielded twisted cable includes;

· High capacity compared to the unshielded part

· High data transmission rate because it’s shielded.

· Easy to install

Application of shielded twist cable

· Essential instrumentation in industrial applications

· Research applications

· It can be used in harsh environments such as cold or hot seasons.

Unshielded twist cable doesn't contain any shielded materials such as aluminum metal foils or mesh, they are different types of unshielded twisted cables which support different bandwidths. The different types are listed below;

· Type 1: This is used for a telephone line that has a low-speed data rate.

· Type 2:    supports 3 Mbps.

· Type 3:    supports 15 Mbps.

· Type 4:   supports 21 Mbps.

· Type 5:  supports 201 Mbps.

Advantages and application of unshielded twisted pair

· Used for low-speed and high-speed data, also used for voice and other audio supporting systems.

· Usually cheaper when compared to coaxial and optic fiber cables

· Majorly used for computer networking which includes Ethernet between short to medium distances

The coaxial cable comprises different layers which included the core which is an inner conductor that carries the radiofrequency signal surrounded by a dielectric insulator. The core wire may be single solid conductors or twisted cables of the multi-strand.

The dielectric insulator divided the inner solid conductor and the outer copper insulated with mesh, the purpose of the dielectric insulator is to protect against environmental hazards.

Advantages of coaxial

· It supports both analog and digital data transmissions

· Supports a mixed range of service because it has higher bandwidths

· Used in Ethernet, broadband internet, and high-speed computer data buses.

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