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Deep-Sea Water Tight Connectors Can Withstand Harsh Environment

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Undersea exploration and data transmission, as well as the need for connectivity in harsh environments, are driving the demand of tight deep-sea connectors.

Deep-sea connectors are in high demand in a variety of applications from consumer electronics to oil and gas exploration to outdoor and marine technologies that are subjected to varying degrees of moisture.

For this reason, it is most expedient to partner with a reliable manufacturer of deep-sea water tight connectors for the best products that will stand the test of time even in a harsh environment under the sea.

That being said, let’s take a quick look at some qualities of deep sea tight connectors that makes them adopt even unfriendly environment.


Producing for severity

Deep-sea water tight connectors are built to withstand varying degrees of water restrictions as well as other conditions such as use in a highly saline environments or extreme cold.

They are rated according to the ingress protection code (IP Code) scale, which is defined by IEC standard 60529 or European standard 60529.

IP protection levels range from no protection to full immersion protection with varying levels of moisture exposure in between.

IP-rated connectors have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the specific requirement for each level of IP protection.

For example, the IP67 rating ensures protection against dust particles for two to eight hours of continuous exposure and protection against water ingress when submerged in depth ranging from fifteen centimeters to a meter for up to thirty minutes.

Whereas, the IP68 rating provides similar protection against solid contaminants at a stipulated water depth and pressure for the same amount of time.

deep-sea water tight connectors

IP-rated connectors are suitable for use in any outdoor application involving water or other fluids.

They are useful in all major markets including aerospace, defense, telecoms, automotive, medical, and industrial, says Ross Martinez who is a manager at Radial’s North American marketers.

Submerged and under water applications are expanding, and so are their applications Ross further added.

According to Brian Tea, a sales manager at COAX Connectors LTD, protection against water ingress is critical in many environments and is not limited to submersible applications.

Water ingress can occur in various harsh surroundings which results in performance losses, connector damage or even total failure.

Deep sea water tight connectors that are active daily are vulnerable to damage from corrosion from sea water.

The use of IP68-rated connectors gives specified assurances that the connectors will continue to be efficient and have a long service life.

This rating enables purchasers to confidently obtain the deep water tight connector product that meets their specifications.

A senior product manager for commercial connectors at Amphenol ICC named Sean Wong said his clients have deep interest in the ability to customize products and ensuring the products meet the required IP rating.

Also Wong said the products specification must meet IPx8, IPx7, and IPx4 standards.

It is recommended that designers of deep-sea tight connectors should select suppliers with versatile experience in product development, a history of successfully adapting products for different applications and ensuring the connectors live up to their water proof claims.


Searching for a high quality deep-sea water connectors?

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