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Types of Coding and Number of Pins Found in Coded Connector

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Amongst the various types of coded connectors, M12 connectors are unique circular connectors having a 12mm locking thread, which is mainly used in various factory automation processes such as in actuators, sensors, as well as in Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet.

With various ratings such as IP69K, IP68, and IP 65, M12 connectors are best suited for corrosive environments as well as in wash down.


M12 Coded Connector Number of Pins and Application

Also unique about M12 coded connectors is the fact that they are also available with a number of pins such as 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 pins.

Industrially, the coded connectors within the M12 family have various applications in communication, transportation, robotics, food and beverages, measurement and in alternative energy.

For certain industrial applications, it is always recommended that you choose the right coded connector with the right numbers of pin. Following this rule, coded connectors with 3-4 pins are usually best suited for power and sensors application.

Similarly, other applications such as Ethernet and Profinet uses coded connectors with 4 – 8 pins while other applications such as DeviceNet, CANbus, and Fieldbuss usually use 4-5 pins

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Types of Coding in M12 Coded connectors

There are different styles of coding that is common to a typical M12 connector. With this coding, incorrect mating of both ends on a product is easily avoided. Besides coding, most M12 coded connector also possess what is called shielding. For instance, some M12 coded connectors such as the X-coded connectors are usually shielded by the type of design of the coding the carry.

Generally, the most dominant types of coding in M12 coding connectors include:

1. A-coded used for sensors, 1 Gbit Ethernet, and DC power

2. B-coded used for Profibus

3. C-coded used for AC power

4. D-coded used for 100 Mbit Ethernet

5. X-coded used for 10 Gbit Ethernet

6. S-coded used for AC power (may sooner or later outshine the C-coded power parts)

7. T-coded used for DC power (may sooner or later outshine A-coded power parts)

Of all the various M12 coded connectors mentioned above, the most prevalent of them all include A-, B-, D- and X-coded. The reason for this is due to the fact that A-, B- and D-coded connectors were the first to be used for quite a long period of time, and they belong among the types of M12 connectors, which are regarded as having the highest quality.

However, in recent time, X-coded connectors are gradually becoming more famous and trendy, especially in industrial Ethernet where high speed is really needed. With this, it is expected that X-coded connectors will soon replace other coded connectors such as A and D, especially in some applications like Ethernet.


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