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A Guide To M9 Circular Connector

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Circular connectors include multi-function pins connectors, which are mostly used during external interfacing. That are used for data transmission, electrical signal, and powering various electrical devices.


They are usually decorated to act as various signals and to describe their functions as control and power connectors.


It's used for a variety of settings, including manufacturing, medical, military, and electricity.


Types of circular connectors

1. Circular plastics connectors.

These types of connectors, also known as circular metal-shell connectors, are typically used in industrial systems that require reliable and stable cable connectors. It is often required in a useful group where a safe link is required in an industrial application based on their nature.

 M9 circular connector

At amissiontech, we designed the plastics connector and the multi-shell connector, where the component and receiver are designed for quick installation into the connectors.


2. Military connectors 

Military connectors were developed in accordance with specific competencies; this layout was produced with the goal of protecting connections for communal effects, allowing to be used in the military and aerospace.

3. DIN connectors

DIN connectors are multi-pin, enhanced power connectors that comply with the standards set by the Normung Deutsche Institute.

DIN is tallied, rounded, and metal-protected, to ensure that the pin stands straight. Macro or Nano-circular connections have the same pitch radius of about 0.01” and 0.005, accordingly. There are one or two lines of coated links.  This is either perpendicular or parallel to each other.

4. Iris spring connectors

A durable metal connector shielded with an iris spring has been added to the M9 circular connector line of products. This new subminiature connector from the Number 712 is suitable for industrial and commercial applications in harsh environments.

These latest connectors have an inner iris springs that makes connecting the cable shielding to the connectors body much easier. This idea enables the implementation of a knotted or metal sheet shield of 360° electromagnetic wave protection in such a quick and easy manner.

The latest M9 circular connector has a 14mm thickness, making them ideal for installations where room is small.

Female and Male connectors with 2, 4, 7, 5, 3 and 8 gold-plated connections are available. Cable diameters of 4mm and 5.5mm are accepted by the coax cable. When appropriately mated, the link is rated IP67, which means it won't let liquids or particles in.

This latest functionality is available in both female and male field-attachable cable connections. The latest connectors are compatible with a variety of panel-mounted compartments. The latest connectors work with the Sequence 702 M9 cable sets as well.

M9 circular connector

Notices of security

During load, the connectors must not be attached or disconnected. Injury may result from a lack of awareness and incorrect usage.


The connectors are intended to be used in plant, power, and electrical systems. It is the responsibility of the end users to determine if the connectors are appropriate for the use in other programs.

Cables used during electronic systems containing dangerous life parts should only be installed and used through and under the guidance of people who have received the necessary electronic and electrical expertise and who follow all relevant guidelines and rules. The hooked ring is twisted until it becomes finger-tight to secure the cable connection to the device connectors.

Partner with us for the best circular connectors.

You can depend on us at Amissiontech for the best products because we are a leading brand with a strong commitment to quality when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality circular connectors and other circular connector devices. For more details, please contact us.


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