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Where Are Waterproof Connectors Generally Used?

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Waterproof connectors are also called waterproof plugs, waterproof connectors, waterproof connecting lines, etc., which are electronic components with waterproof function. They can place power cables such as LED power waterproof connectors, network cables such as shared bicycle GPS signal cables, etc., which can not only provide normal and safe and reliable power supply and signal transmission, but also can play a waterproof and dustproof effect. It can be used outside where it will be exposed to rain, and it can maintain normal work even in water.

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Four basic structural components of waterproof connectors

1. The contact parts are the core parts used to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, positive and negative contact parts are used to form contact butt joints, and the electrical connection is completed through the plug-in action of two contacts with different parameters. The masculine means rigidity and its specific shape can be divided into the cylinder, square column and flat, etc. The material selected for production is made of brass or bronze. The negative symbol represents the key part of the jack. It should be closely connected with the rigid contact parts according to the force generated by the deformation of the elastic structure and the rigid insertion.

2. The shell of the waterproof connector is the outer cover. It is equipped with an insulating installation module and a mechanical protection device, which can make the plug and the socket complete the accurate docking successfully so that the connector can be fixed to the equipment in use.

3. The insulating part is the bottom base or the mounting plate. Its function is to arrange the contact parts according to the specified position and spacing, and to ensure that the insulation performance between the contact parts and between the shells is kept good at all times, because good insulation Resistance and withstand voltage performance are the basic technical requirements for the use of insulating materials.

4. Other accessories represent many small parts inside the waterproof connector structure, such as screws, nuts, sealing rings, positioning pins, connecting rings and spring rings and other standard common parts.

Application of waterproof connectors

1. Outdoor application connection of LED products: such as LED strips, LED spot lighting, LED wall washer landscape lighting, LED billboard lighting, LED flood lighting, LED street lighting and bridge-tunnel lights, street lights, field exploration equipment, outdoor Large electronic displays, household appliances, etc.

2. It is suitable for industrial automation equipment, film and television lighting and audio equipment and engineering. For example: injection molding machines, extruders, power generation equipment, packaging machinery (heat shrink packaging machines), air conditioning units, lighting fixtures, energy power generation, refrigerated containers, etc.

3. Water work: ships, offshore lighthouses, sprinklers, aquariums, etc.

4. Due to the strict application requirements in the military field, a large number of waterproof connectors are used, such as connectors for submarines and connectors for submarine-launched missiles.

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