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How To Choose M8 Connectors?

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M8 connector, also known as sensor connector, is divided into with cable and without cable, the outlet is 4-6 and 6-10 optional, the cable length with cable is 1 m, 2 m, 5 m and 10 m Meter. M8 connectors are available in male and female, screw connection, and the enclosure protection grade is IP67, and there are also straight and elbow. At the same time waterproof, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, stable performance, efficient and fast connection, widely used in photoelectric switches, proximity switches, sensors and various industrial wiring systems.

M8 connector

What are M8 connectors used for?

M8 connectors can be used for outdoor lighting boxes, construction machinery, solenoid valves, instrumentation, pressure change transmitters, steel production equipment, power equipment, temperature transmitters, hydraulic machine tools, sensors, mining machinery, marine machinery, automotive equipment, automation production equipment. These require waterproof connections, do not require high electrical parameters, and require relatively small size applications.

How to choose a good M8 connector?

Different brands have different M8 connectors. Even the same manufacturer has different M8 connectors. How to choose the right M8 connector that is suitable for your requirements? The following 5 aspects will help you choose the right M8 connectors:

1) M8 connector connection method: First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the M8 connector is connected to another plug, a socket on the panel, or a socket on the PCB, needs a male plug or a female plug, and will need a plug or socket.

2) Electrical performance of M8 connectors: waterproof M8 connectors can be used for power connection or signal and data transmission. This has different requirements for the voltage and current of the connector. Voltage or current that exceeds the carrying capacity of the connector will cause connector damage. The voltage and current of M8 connectors with different pin numbers are also different. We should choose an appropriate M8 connector according to the parameters from the manufacturer.

3) Size and structure of the M8 connector: If the installation environment has enough space, there will be no requirements for the size of the M8 connector. For some equipment and cabinets, the installation space for the M8 connector is very limited, have to use the right-angled M8 connector. If the M8 connector is purchased but there is not enough installation space, it will be big trouble.

4) The application environment of M8 connectors: The application environment determines the protection level of the M8 connectors we should choose. Some M8 connectors can only be used in ordinary environments, while other connectors can be used for high-temperature differences, high humidity, vibration, corrosion and corrosion, and different harsh environment.

5) The material and style of the M8 connector: if you need it with cable, you can choose the molded M8 connector. If you want to assemble it at your location, you should choose a plastic shell or a metal shell cable assembly M8 connector, and if for data transmission, do you need to be shielded or not, if you need an M8 socket, should be front panel mount, back panel mount or PCB mount, should it be straight or angled?

M8 connector

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