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What is Circular Connector

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Circular connectors possess multi-function pin connectors that are commonly used for interfacing externally. Which are used in transferring data, electrical signal transmission, and also used to power various electrical gadgets.

In most cases, circular connectors are decorated to serve as a various signal and describing it uses as power and control connector. It is used in a wide range of application such as industrial, military, medical and energy.

Types of circular connectors

I. The word, circular connector, was commonly used to be called circular plastics connectors. These modes of connectors or circular metal-shell connectors are usually used for industrial applications where robust and secured wire connectors are essential.

It always needed in a useful community where they need to secure connection in an industrial application based on their design.

Circular plastics connector and circular multi-shell connector were innovated at amissiontech where the part and the receiver are configured for easy insertion to their connectors.

circular connectors

II. Military (MILI-SPECIFICATION) connector was created based on military specifications; this design was made based on the account to preserve the connections from communal impact, which ensure it is used in military and aerospace applications.

III. DIN connectors are multi-pin with high frequency an electrical connector that accepts the standard established by Deutsche institute Normung a standardization organization from Germany.The mouth-end of the DIN is notched, round and protected with metal to ensure the pin is standing directly.

IV. Macro and Nano- circular connectors are always exhibiting a pitch radius of 0.01” and 0.005 respectively. It has one or two rows of coated contacts and is either straight or adjacent to each other.

Features of a circular connector include

· Contacts

· Shell sizing

· Insert

Circular connector is described by the shell size number, contacts, and insert diameter. Each of the pins is a proportional size for its applications. These connectors functions as protective housing which can be designed by a specific application.

Standard is usually innovated accordingly to regulations by military or DIN, these connectors offer different contact sizes and may be capped into various insert categories, while some contacts and sizes are offered with the same connectors.

circular connectors

The Insertion

The insert contains an embedded body that is inside the shell, each of the inserts is created to fit inside specific types of size and contacts. These inserts have a contacts alignment that usually accommodates many conductors available for every contact space.

Electrical contact

Electrical contact is made up of fragile, higher conductivity, redox resistance materials used for electrical connection and electrical current flows through these materials.

Sizing of shell

Shell size is usually used to define the size range of the connector. If your shell size is larger it's used to accommodate large contacts used for powering, the smaller shell size is used to house small contacts need for sensors while the intermediate shell size is used to house flexibility in the arrangement of contact size.


Selection criteria to consider when selecting the circular connectors includes connecting types, gender, mounting, terminal option, and performance activity.

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