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Types of Cables and Its New Application in Real Life

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Cable is the medium through which information usually moves from one network device to another. There are several types of cable which are commonly used with LANs. In some cases, a network will utilize only one type of cable, other networks will use a variety of cable types.

The type of cable chosen for a network is related to the network's topology, protocol, and size. Understanding the characteristics of different types of cable and how they relate to other aspects of a network is necessary for the development of a successful network.


5 Types of Cable:

· Ribbon Electric Cables

It consists of multiple insulated wires running parallel with one another and is used for transmission of multiple data simultaneously. For example, this is used to connect the CPU with the motherboard and are generally used for interconnection of networking devices.


· Shielded Cables

It consists of 1 or 2 insulated wires which are covered by a woven braided shield or aluminium Mylar foil for better signal transmission and removing irregularities in the frequency of power and external interference in radio. These cables transmit high voltage electric current and are protected by a shield.


· Twisted Pair Cables

It has two or more insulated copper wires which are twisted with each other and are colour-coded. These types of wires are usually used in telephone cables and the resistance to external interference can be measured by the number of wires.


· Coaxial Cables

This consists of solid copper or steel conductor plated with copper which is enclosed in the metallic braid and metallic tape. This is entirely covered with an insulated protective outer jacket. These type of cables are used for computer networking and audio-video networking.


· Fibre Optics Cable

There are these types of cables which transport optical data signals from an attached light source to the receiving device. We are pretty much aware of what is an optical fibre and its uses in a wide variety of applications.


New Application: Wireless LANs

More and more networks are operating without cables, in the wireless mode. Wireless LANs use high frequency radio signals, infrared light beams, or lasers to communicate between the workstations, servers, or hubs. Each workstation and file server on a wireless network has some sort of transceiver/antenna to send and receive the data. Information is relayed between transceivers as if they were physically connected. For longer distance, wireless communications can also take place through cellular telephone technology, microwave transmission, or by satellite.


Wireless networks are great for allowing laptop computers, portable devices, or remote computers to connect to the LAN. Wireless networks are also beneficial in older buildings where it may be difficult or impossible to install cables.


The two most common types of infrared communications used in schools are line-of-sight and scattered broadcast. Line-of-sight communication means that there must be an unblocked direct line between the workstation and the transceiver. If a person walks within the line-of-sight while there is a transmission, the information would need to be sent again. This kind of obstruction can slow down the wireless network. Scattered infrared communication is a broadcast of infrared transmissions sent out in multiple directions that bounces off walls and ceilings until it eventually hits the receiver. Networking communications with laser are virtually the same as line-of-sight infrared networks.

 New Application: Wireless LANs

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