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Top 6 Uses of M16 Circular Connector

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The M16 circular connectors come with pins between 3 and 24 within a tight enclosure. It makes them widely applicable in different uses ranging from industry to automobile and medical equipment.

Top 6 uses of M16 circular connector.

Here are the top 6 use cases where M16 circular connectors make the best choice.

1. Miniaturization

The first use of the M16 circular connector is miniaturization. These connectors are highly applicable in tighter places because, with up to 24 wires in one connector, multiple signals can be a transmitter. The reason for this miniaturization use is that the devices and appliances are becoming smaller and need more power transfer capabilities.

While integrating so many connections in a tight space is impossible in any other way, the M16 connectors make a reliable connection.

2. High transfer rates

The M16 connectors are not all about power transfer. These are highly applicable in industrial and medical applications for their high data transfer rates. It is because of the connection's quality, quantity, and throughput capabilities.

The best part about these connectors is that they offer amazing flexibility in several wires and can work with data transmission rate requirements ranging from 10Mb/s up to 10Gb/s. These connectors also support USB 3.0 data transfer rates ranging up to 5Gb/s.

M16 circular connector

3. Hybrid solutions

Modern-day applications are focused on hybrid applications. Instead of connecting individual wires for power, networking, signal transmission, data integrity, etc., hybrid solutions are prioritized, and that is possible because of circular connectors like M16. These connectors allow for making tailor-made solutions that can be designed and wired according to customers' requirements.

Thus, you can cram as many signals in one connector as possible while staying within the PIN limit. The thing about hybrid connections is that switching between devices will be easier than ever, with each one compatible with universal standards.

4. Modularity

Several industrial equipment need sensors of different types. With one usable at one time, modularity can be significantly leveraged. Modularity can be made significantly easy with these connectors because they provide the most secure temporary connection in every aspect.

5. Reliability

Whether you consider water resistance or structural integrity, the M16 circular connector is reliable. It is because of the unique screw lock design that provides IP67-rated protection against water. Apart from that, the lock ensures that connection pins in the male and female connectors are securely connected without any disconnections or sparking.

6. Customer-specific solutions

One of the biggest uses of M16 connectors is customer-specific solutions. People opt for pre-wired connectors with a complete instructional manual about each pin and its specific wire. So, connecting the right parts becomes easy if someone is working on a customized medical or automobile project.

Get an M16 connector and make stable connections in every project.

If you are working on a high wiring density project and require stable connections with easy swappable and IP67 protection features, then get the M16 circular connector. These are applicable in many applications and can benefit you in several ways.


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