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All the Technicalities to Know Before Working with M23 Circular Connectors

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M23 circular connectors are very useful in many applications because they can transmit power, data, and signals with one connector having multiple wires. However, before you start working with them, there are a few technicalities you must.

All the technicalities to know before working with M23 circular connectors.

You need to know everything before you start working with the M23 circular connectors.

1. Number of contacts

The first thing to know is the number of contacts. Every circular connector supports different pin configurations and hence supports various contacts. The number of contacts supported by M23 circular connectors is:

· 6

· 9

· 12

· 16

· 19

However, depending on the connector's size, these may also vary.

M23 circular connectors

2. Contact size.

The next thing you need to know is the contact size. It is the gauge size of the wire that will be connected with the pins of the connector. Whether you are going for pre-soldered pins or going to solder wires yourself, considering it is vital for the safe application and long-term usage of the connectors. Using for unsupported applications may cause the pins to heat up and cause a short circuit.

3. Mounting style

These connectors can be mounted in different ways. The common styles include.

· Surface mount

· Cable mount

· Panel mount

Selecting the right one here again matters as it adds more value to the application. With the selected mounting style, you can enjoy easier connecting, disconnecting, and reliability.

4. Locking style

The connectors this big often come with multiple locking styles, including:

· Latch

· Bayonet

· Threaded/screwed.

· Quick disconnect.

· Push-pull

5. Termination

The termination type can be customized according to the customer's requirements. It adds technical value and eases the experience because termination decides how the wires from connector pins will go and join with the circuitry. The most common options include solder, lugs, and crimping.

6. Backshell

Backshell adds structural strength to the cable, which is threaded on the cable size of the connector. It also comes in different types: straight, braid, spring, right-angle, crimped, etc.

The back shell type had to do a lot with the strength and longevity of the wire because right at the back of a solid connection, it takes most of the strain and pressure off of the wire, so it protects the wire from stretching and breaking.

7. Plugs and jacks.

There are 4 types of plugs and jacks, including both male and female options. Plugs are better when working on cable mount connections, while jacks are better for panel or surface mount connections. It does bring some ease of use and longevity to the wire connection, but it has nothing to do with the signals.

8. IP ratings

The last thing is IP rating, and with M23 circular connectors, the most common type of IP rating is IP67, which brings water and dust proofing.

Get the best M23 circular connectors for any application.

If any applications need a connection that transmits power, signals, and data, then M23 circular connectors will be your best choice. With this one connector, you can easily manage all the connection requirements.


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