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North America to Witness Significant Market Share of Cables

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The United States under North America is expected to witness significant growth in the wire and cable market due to the increasing developments in the wire and cable industry. The substantial growth can be primarily attributed to the increase in renewable energy generation is expected to influence electricity trade in the region. ​


There are significant investments in the construction of high-capacity transmission lines in the country, which will significantly drive the market over the forecast period. Several sub-national governments in the United States are gaining a significant position in renewable energy and energy efficiency ingenuities. ​


Various emerging states within the US are also increasing investments in various renewable energy technologies. Due to this strategy, the states have emerged as renewable energy leaders. Recently, in 2019, Energy Information Administration (EIA) anticipated that the share of total electricity generation in the United States produced by all renewables except hydropower would reach 13% of total production in 2020 as compared to 10% in 2018. ​


Fiber now passes through 39 million households in the United States (1.6 million of them have multiple fiber passing) and connects 18.6 million homes, up by 17% as compared to 2017. The country is already on a pace to see FTTH available to 50% of households by 2025. (source: Fiber Broadband Association).​


The association also claims that FTTH could be available to 90% of the US homes by 2029 if the spending on FTTH deployment is increased by USD 70 billion over the next ten years. The rural areas are much more likely to lack FTTH than urban areas, owing to higher deployment costs in rural areas.​


Moreover, there are various steps taken by the government in the country to encourage the implementation of the smart grid. For instance, the New York state government invested significantly in the innovation of smart energy technologies through NYSERDA. ​


Further, companies in the country are launching cables with innovations. For instance, in 2019, Belden Inc. announced the launch of new Digital Electricity Cables, designed in combination with VoltServer. These cables are offered in hybrid copper/fiber and copper versions to transfer power and data over a long distance. ​


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