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How To Choosing The Right Circular Connector

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Circular connectors come in a variety of materials, sizes, styles, contact arrangements, and designs. Included in these sizes are M5, M8, and M12 connectors with contact arrangements varying from 2 to 12 pins, each size offering a unique solution.


Selecting the correct circular connector for your application can be a challenging process, as it can be difficult to differentiate between the various options. To help you better navigate your decision, here is an in-depth look at three sizes.

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M5 circular connectors are designed for applications where a small yet rugged and compact connector solution is required to deliver a secure and reliable connection. With an IP67 rating and EMI/RFI shielded metal housing, the M5 connector is best suited for transportation and control systems, automated doors & ramps, sensor connectivity as well as many data & communication device applications.




M8 Connectors are perfect for applications requiring a rugged and robust fully shielded metal shell. These compact sensors and automation connectors offer many advantages including ease of installation, minimizing downtime, and increasing production performance. Common applications for the M8 connector include medical devices, ruggedized data loggers- sensors, electronic gauges-metering, and avionics-marine electronics.




M12 Connectors are designed to meet the needs of electrical and mechanical demands in a variety of harsh-environment applications including power conditioning systems, ruggedized networking, robotic control systems, and remote process sensors. These industry-standard connectors offer an IP67/68 rating with high-performance capabilities for various Fieldbus systems. The M12 connectors are available with 2 to 12 contact configurations and several industry standard coding options

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How to choose a circular connector? What are the selection criteria for circular connectors?

1. Circular connector bayonet type: When choosing a circular connector, pay attention to choosing a suitable and matching bayonet type, mainly including 1/4 fast bayonet connection, plug-in connection, latch connection, fast Plug-in connection, threaded connection, zipper connection, etc.;

2. Connection mode of circular connector: crimp connection, welding connection, nut locking connection, cast cable, etc.;

3. Right-angle and angled round aviation plugs;

4. Needle circular aerial plug and pinhole circular aerial plug;

5. Does the circular connector have shielding performance: The circular aerial plugs used in different environments have different shielding requirements. Some connector manufacturers that provide personalized customization services will have industrial connectors with different shielding effects according to customer needs. Such as the 360°shielded imported circular connector of German Binde.

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6. Hole positions and models of circular connectors: When purchasing circular connectors, in addition to considering conventional connector standards, such as M8 and M12 connectors, it is also necessary to check whether the hole position diagram of the connector meets the standard.


7. Selection of the number of cores of the circular connector;


8. Manufacturers of circular connectors: The quality of industrial aviation plugs is mainly reflected in the internal materials, structure, workmanship, etc. These characteristics are often impossible to judge externally, so when purchasing circular connectors, the first consideration should be given A well-known, well-known, well-known connector manufacturer with deep industry technology, such as the German Binde connector has senior connector industry experience and technology, adopts high standards in Germany and Europe, and is one of the leaders in the circular connector industry one;


9. Is it possible to provide circular connector customization services: Some industries require special connector standards, which may not be available on the market. At this time, you should choose a circular connector manufacturer that can perform personalized customization. If you have any needs, you can contact Amissiontech.




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