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Models and Ratings of Underwater Electrical Connectors

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Have you been skeptical about whether there is any possible means of running electrical connections under water or in a wet environment?

But wait... What if I tell you that there is a possibility of achieving this by using uniquely designed electrical connectors known as underwater electrical connectors.

You're probably questioning the possibility on your mind, thinking "How do we prevent those electrical connectors from corroding under water?"

underwater electrical connectors are designed with water-tight seal at the junction where the connectors are most vulnerable to the corrosion effect of Water. Thus, no moisture effect, no corrosion.

In this article, we will walk you through the Models of Underwater Electrical connectors available as well as the Ratings of underwater electrical connectors.


Models of Underwater Electrical connectors

Recall that Underwater Electrical connectors are designed with unique water locking mechanism which prevents direct contact of the functional components with water.

However, there are various ways in which this can be achieved which brings about the models of Underwater Electrical connectors:


1. Rubber-molded Underwater Electrical connectors

These underwater Electrical connectors make use of a locking sleeve and polyurethane or neoprene as a protective layer that creates a water-tight seal between two ends of the connector.

The glass-reinforced male connector at one end and the female connector at the other end of the Rubber-molded Underwater Electrical connector are then protected from corrosion.


2. Rigid shell Underwater Electrical connectors

These Underwater Electrical connectors have greater strength, stability and lockability because they are molded into a rigid body.

These Underwater Electrical connectors overcome the problem of corrosion by a unique water-locking mechanism which involves screwing both halves of the connector and then sealing the junction with a water resistant O-ring.


 3. Fluid-filled Underwater Electrical connectors

This particular model of underwater electrical connectors make use of a water resistant dielectric fluid, such as oil which is both immiscible with water and water resistant.

The chamber between the male and female connector ends is filled with the water resistant fluid, thereby isolating them from having a contact with water.

 Underwater Electrical connectors

Rating of Underwater Electrical connectors

The use of ingress protection (IP) rating for water resistant, water proof and dust proof materials has become increasingly common in the Industrial electronics market.

Underwater Electrical connectors, being a kind of water resistant electronic material are thus rated based on the IP standard.

The IP rating makes use of two-digit code which gives the level of protection of the material against the intrusion of both solid particles and liquid into the electrical connectors.

The first digit provides information about the level of Protection that the Underwater Electrical connectors provide against access to solid particles.

However, the second digit provides information about the level of Protection in which the connectors provide against the inflow of water which can cause corrosion.

The two common IP rating codes are IP67 and IP68. IP67 code rating, on the one hand, indicates that the connectors are protected against solid dust particles and up to 1meter deep water immersion.

On the other hand, IP68 code rating indicates that the connectors are protected against solid dust particles and up to a total underwear immersion 3 meters deep.


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