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Interesting Facts About FieldBUS Connectors

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What exactly is Fieldbus Connectors?

FieldBUS is a method of connecting with input (sensors, switches, etc.) and output (valves, drives, indication lamps, etc.) devices without having to connect each device to the controller individually (PLC, Industrial PC etc.).

As a result, it is discovered that Fieldbus can save a lot of money in the long run.

Prior to its inception, computers were connected via direct serial connections, with each connection allowing just two devices to communicate.

 The Fieldbus connectors, on the other hand, provides for the simultaneous connection of hundreds of analogue and digital points.

This minimizes the number of cables required while also reducing the length of cable required.

Currently, FieldBUS connections are more closely compared to traditional Ethernet connections, in which several field devices can be connected to a single connection point, which subsequently connects to the controller.

Contacting  a good manufacturer of the product is advisable whenever you are in need  for a FieldBUS connector to transmit chunks of data in your organization.

FieldBUS has several advantages, one of which is the ability to link equipment in the field.

Consider the case where you have multiple field devices that are located at a considerable distance from your controller.

Sensors, motors, lamps, and switches are connected to a "I/O data block," which is then connected to a "field distribution device,".

 Intermittently the distribution device is then connected to a Fieldbus power supply, and then eventually back to the Programmable Logic controller.

Apart from the field devices themselves, all connections to Fieldbus components are single cable connections.

Although, it depends on the FieldBUS protocol you're using, this connection technique may change.

This form of field device connection eliminates the need for long wiring runs back to the controller.

As you can see, when distance is an issue, this sort of device wiring has a lot of advantages.


Merits Of Field Bus Connectors

§ Promptness: Because of the reduced wiring expenditure, fieldBUS cables and connector can be planned and installed more quickly. Also, Fieldbuses communicate via just one cable which makes communication and transferring of data faster.

§ Dependability: Short signal paths of FieldBUS cables increase the availability as well as the reliability of the systems.

§ Interference reliability: Fieldbuses connectors and cables offer increased protection against interference, especially in the case of analog values being transferred.

§ Standardization: Due to uniform bus protocols and unified cabled connection technology, equipment from various producers can be used and exchanged.

As such, it not necessary that all individual components are from the same producer or manufacturer.

§ Flexibility: Even expansions and changes can be executed easily and quickly with FieldBUS connections.

This way, the systems can be adapted variably to new requirements, and they can also be used in the future.

Demerits of Field Bus Connectors

§ Intricacy: As a fieldbus represents a complete system which uses complex components.

Only qualified and trained personnel are required for its use.

§ Costs: The individual FieldBUS components such as cables and connectors are considerably more expensive

§ Dangers in case of bus faults: The guide system can be cut off from the sensors and actuators.

To prevent this hazardous event from occurring, redundant bus systems should be used if necessary.


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