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Automation or Handmade for Cable Harness Assembly?

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In the modern manufacturing landscape, automation is prevalent, yet certain functions demand human experience and expertise. Just as doctors care for patients aided by technology and engineers design roads using computer software, complex wire harnesses require the same level of engineering and expertise. In this special edition of AMSONE, we explore why full automation is unsuitable for complex wire harnesses, covering the following topics:

Cable Harness Assembly

Unraveling Complex Wire Harnesses:

Precision engineering and assembly are essential for complex wire harness designs, surpassing what automation can achieve. Wire harnesses consist of an outer protective sheath (often thermoplastic) and inner wires or cables, utilizing materials like PVC, Teflon®, and Silicone. They offer a cost-effective electrical solution, but some projects demand intricate designs with conductors, connectors, terminations, overmolds, grommets, and strain relief. These complexities necessitate expertise and engineering, a specialty provided by AMSONE.

The Human Engineering Aspect:

Each project receives individual attention, and our design team's tested expertise ensures custom wire harness designs with minimal pitfalls. While automation plays a role, design iterations and rigorous testing are done manually to guarantee safe and proper functioning. AMSONE's commitment to quality ensures no product leaves our production line without thorough examination.

Aspects Suitable for Automation:

According to a research paper by Siemens Digital, fully automated complex wire harness design offers various benefits, including faster engineering and validation, streamlined production design, automated change management, and more. While it may seem cost-effective initially, engineering and careful product testing ensure long-term economic benefits and improved product quality. Sacrificing quality for speed and cost may not be a wise choice, and a balanced approach that includes expertise and engineering is recommended for wire harness design.

Cable Harness Assembly

The Human Touch in Assembly:

While computer drafting software aids the initial engineering process, full automation is not recommended to ensure the design matches the project. AMSONE specializes in custom solutions, designing over 70% of the products we produce. The final testing phase should also avoid full automation as it requires experience and expertise for the highest quality wire harnesses. Certain manufacturing processes, like incorporating wires of different lengths or performing multiple crimps on a single wire, should not be automated. AMSONE Cable possesses over 5,000 existing tools, using the right ones for various project applications, ensuring complex wire harnesses are manufactured with expertise and precision.

Uniqueness in Design Features:

Wire harness design features offer a range of options for customization, ensuring the perfect fit for each project. Conductor sizes span from 12 AWG to 34 AWG, while conductor colors can be tailored for effective wire management. Stranding sizes from 0.002" to 0.01" match various applications, and choices for conductor insulation materials, such as PVC and Teflon®, cater to project needs. AMSONE uses UL® certified cables and wires, ensuring a safe and reliable product from the start.

In conclusion, while automation has undoubtedly transformed manufacturing, the world of complex wire harnesses remains an arena where human engineering and expertise continue to shine. Recognizing the delicate balance between automation and human involvement is key to unlocking the full potential of this critical technology.

The Industrial Control System Cable Harness:

Industrial control systems encompass various technical aspects, connecting devices and systems to automate processes. Found in diverse industries like water treatment and bottling facilities, these systems rely on cable assemblies to transmit data, signals, and power effectively. With the increasing demand for automation, AMSONE excels in designing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, emphasizing unparalleled quality and expertise. Our advanced capabilities ensure the production of industrial cable assemblies that enable sophisticated industrial processes worldwide.

Cable Harness Assembly

Wire Assemblies for Medical Equipment:

Medical wire assemblies are essential components in various medical equipment, serving as data transmitters, power links, and communication mediums. AMSONE specializes in custom-built, highly reliable medical wire assemblies for critical medical applications. With UL-certified components and expertise in working with materials like Teflon and Silicone, AMSONE ensures precise and high-quality cable assemblies. These assemblies are designed to transmit medical data and power equipment and operate reliably in crucial circumstances. As a top priority, proper functionality is crucial to aid patients accurately. Contact AMSONE Cable to learn more about our custom medical wire assemblies crafted with precision and quality standards.

Cable Assemblies for Telecommunication:

The world heavily relies on telecommunications infrastructure for seamless connectivity, from airplanes to tablets. As globalization increases, the demand for high-quality, reliable cable assemblies for telecom applications grows steadily. AMSONE excels in crafting cable assemblies for telecommunications, starting with single-strand conductors and utilizing state-of-the-art facilities for extrusion. With expertise in connectors, terminations, sheathing, and harnesses, our engineering staff creates perfect cable assemblies for each project, meeting performance, timeline, and budget requirements. Our decades of experience in designing complex cable assemblies for telecommunication equipment allow us to handle increasing data, power, and signal transfer demands. Seamlessly integrating into existing systems is our expertise, providing on-time and on-budget solutions. As a premier telecommunication cable assembly manufacturer, we deliver custom solutions with distinction.

Cable Harness Assembly

AMSONE Cable: Your Custom Cable Assembly Solution Provider

AMSONE Cable caters to diverse industries like automotive, broadcasting, energy, and more, offering adaptable and customized products. With a vast tool inventory of over 5,000 connectors, junctions, overmolds, and housings, we are likely to have what you need. For over a decade, AMSONE has been a leader in designing and manufacturing cable assemblies for various sectors, including telecommunications, retail security, and industrial controls. Our expertise lies in custom solutions, excelling in product start-up, prototype runs, pre-production testing, and volume manufacturing. Contact AMSONE today for more information.


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