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An In-depth Look At The Connection Types Of Industrial Connectors

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Practitioners should be familiar with industrial connectors. Compared with traditional connection equipment, industrial connectors have many advantages, such as being stronger and more durable. Do you know what types of connections there are in industrial connectors? Next, we will focus on the connection types of industrial connectors. We hope you can have a deeper understanding of industrial connectors through our introduction.

The types of industrial connector connections I'm going to cover today are plug, cabinet, threaded, and bayonet. Details are as follows:

industrial connectors

1. Plug connection mode:

Plug connection mode is a multi-purpose connection type. The connection or disconnection of the plug and connector socket does not require twisting or rotation, and the movement is linear, so the working space does not need to be too large to complete the connection and disconnection. There are two types of plug-in connections: ball and pin. This connection method has no mechanical effort-saving mechanism, so if you make a mistake during operation, you will feel the mechanical resistance will increase greatly.

2. Cabinet connection method:

This connection method is close to the rack and is suitable for the electrical connectors of some devices that need to be connected blindly, making the electrical equipment light and small and easy to maintain. In this connection method, the operator cannot feel the connection, so an accurate positioning device is required to prevent forcibly connecting the industrial electronic connector. Cabinet connection methods generally use floating or elastic contact design structures to ensure proper connection.

3. Screw connection method:

 In the working environment with large vibration, it is usually used for the connection between some large contacts or original parts. This type of connection can be fused to prevent loosening after the connection is complete, it is more stable and reliable, but the connection and disconnection is slow.

industrial connectors

4. Bayonet Connector:

This connector is a reliable and fast connection and disconnection type. Most bayonet connectors have visual indications of proper connection and locking, which can be seen directly from a small hole on the side of the connector nut, making installation easier.

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