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Amissiontech's Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

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The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, was celebrated with joy at Amissiontech. To mark the occasion, the company offered its employees generous benefits and heartfelt wishes.

Warm Dragon Boat Festival, Fragrant Zongzi

To bring a sense of festivity to every employee, the company prepared traditional Dragon Boat Festival delicacies—zongzi. These rice dumplings are not only a symbol of the holiday but also a token of Amissiontech's deep appreciation for its employees. Whether it was the classic red bean paste zongzi, salted egg yolk meat zongzi, or the innovative fruit zongzi and red bean purple rice zongzi, everyone enjoyed the delicious treats and the festive atmosphere.

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Health and Care, Full of Benefits

In addition to the delicious zongzi, the company thoughtfully prepared health gift packs for its employees. These packs included traditional Dragon Boat Festival items such as sachets and mugwort, which are believed to repel insects and bring health and peace. The company also provided each employee with health-preserving tea, encouraging them to take care of their well-being amidst their busy work schedules.

Gratitude to You, Creating the Future Together

Amissiontech has always adhered to a people-oriented philosophy, prioritizing the well-being of its employees. Through this Dragon Boat Festival celebration, the company conveyed its care and gratitude, further strengthening the team's cohesion. Every employee is a valuable member of the Amissiontech family, and it is through everyone's collective efforts that the company continues to advance towards a brighter future.

In this wonderful holiday season, Amissiontech wishes every employee and their family happiness and prosperity! Let us move forward together and create an even more glorious chapter in the days to come.



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