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Amissiontech: The Leader in High-Quality Custom Cable and Wire Harness Solutions

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In the modern industrial and technology sectors, cables and wire harnesses are key components ensuring the proper functioning of various devices and systems. Amissiontech specializes in manufacturing high-quality industrial connectors and wire harnesses, committed to providing comprehensive connection solutions to our clients. Whether you need simple cable assemblies or complex high-end harnesses, we are equipped to meet your needs and specifications.


Product Range

Custom Cable Harnesses

Amissiontech offers a wide range of custom cable harnesses, from simple single-cable connections to complex multi-interface systems. We can flexibly adapt to various production needs, including fully automated, semi-automated, and manual assembly, ensuring that we can meet demands from prototyping and small-batch production to large-scale manufacturing.

Industrial Connectors

Our industrial connectors come in various types, suitable for multiple applications. Whether for industrial equipment operating in harsh environments or high-reliability communication systems, our connectors provide stable connections and excellent performance.

Cable Assemblies

Amissiontech provides a variety of cable assemblies, including but not limited to:

· Power cables

· Signal cables

· Data cables

· High-voltage cables

· Low-voltage cables

Our cable assemblies undergo stringent quality control to ensure outstanding performance in various applications.

Wire Harnesses

Our wire harnesses are designed and manufactured for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and industrial automation. Our wire harness products are highly flexible and durable, meeting complex application requirements.

High-Frequency Cables

Amissiontech's high-frequency cables are designed for high-speed data transmission and signal processing, suitable for communication, data centers, and other applications requiring high-performance transmission. Our high-frequency cables feature excellent shielding and low loss characteristics.


Manufacturing Capabilities and Technical Advantages

Flexible Production Solutions

Amissiontech employs flexible production methods, offering fully automated, semi-automated, and manual assembly lines based on customer needs. Whether for prototyping, small-batch trial production, or large-scale manufacturing, we provide the most suitable production solutions, ensuring efficient and high-quality product delivery.

Advanced R&D and Design

Our R&D team is experienced in tool development and design evaluation, integrating in-house processes such as cable preparation, contacting, inner and outer molding, final assembly, testing, labeling, and packaging inspection. We are committed to providing optimal technical solutions to ensure every connection requirement is efficiently addressed.

Rigorous Quality Control

Amissiontech implements strict quality control measures, from raw material procurement to finished product inspection, ensuring excellence at every step. Our lab is equipped with advanced testing equipment, capable of conducting various stringent environmental and performance tests to ensure stable performance under harsh conditions.

Customer Support and Services

Amissiontech is always customer-oriented, earning wide trust and praise by providing high-quality products and excellent services. Our technical support team is ready to offer professional technical consultation and solutions to ensure every customer need is promptly and satisfactorily addressed.

Amissiontech, with its focus and innovation in manufacturing industrial connectors and wire harnesses, has become a leading enterprise in the industry. We not only provide high-quality standard products but also excel in customized connection solutions. Whatever type of connection solution you need, Amissiontech offers highly available, durable, and efficient custom design and production services.

Choose Amissiontech for reliability and innovation. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner, facing every challenge and opportunity in the industrial connection field together.



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