Bayonet Connector BM24 2P Receptacle Panel Mount Solder Connect
P/N: BM24F0212A001

Bayonet Connector BM24 2P Receptacle Panel Mount Solder Connect

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Bayonet Connector BM24 2P Receptacle Panel Mount Solder Connect is an advanced connector designed for various applications.

  1. Design and Configuration:The Bayonet Connector BM24 2P Receptacle features a meticulously engineered design with a secure bayonet coupling mechanism. The 2-pin receptacle ensures a stable connection, while the panel mount design facilitates easy and secure integration into electronic panels. The solder connections further enhance the reliability of the electrical interface.

  2. Electrical Performance:This connector excels in electrical performance, providing a reliable and efficient connection for 2-pin applications. The solder connections contribute to low impedance, ensuring optimal signal transmission and minimal signal loss. It is a dependable choice for applications demanding precision and consistency.

  3. Panel Mount Convenience:Designed for panel mounting, the BM24 2P Receptacle simplifies installation processes. The secure panel mount ensures stability and durability in diverse environments, making it suitable for industrial, aerospace, and electronic applications where a robust connection is essential.

  4. Solder Connection Reliability:The solder connections of this connector are a key feature, offering a robust and permanent electrical joint. This ensures long-term reliability in challenging conditions, making it suitable for applications where vibration, shock, and environmental factors are considerations.

  5. Versatility in Applications:The BM24 2P Receptacle's design and performance make it versatile across various applications, including industrial machinery, electronic instrumentation, and control systems. Its adaptability to different environments and compatibility with diverse equipment make it a preferred choice.

  6. Durability and Material Quality:Constructed with high-quality materials, the connector exhibits durability and longevity. The materials used resist wear, corrosion, and environmental factors, contributing to the overall robustness of the connector in demanding operational conditions.

In conclusion, the Bayonet Connector BM24 2P Receptacle Panel Mount Solder Connect stands out for its secure design, excellent electrical performance, and adaptability across a spectrum of applications. It is a reliable solution for those seeking a durable and efficient 2-pin panel-mounted connector with solder connections.

Your Benefits

-100% Electrically tested plug-in components

-360° Shielding

Locking systemBayonet
Ordering P/N:BM24F0222A001
CategoryDevice Connector
Connection typeSolder connection
Cable outlet/
Custom tariff number85444290
Country of originChina


Rated current30A
Rated voltage500V
Rated Impulse voltage2500V
Mechanical operation> 100 mating cycles
Insulation resistance≥ 100 MΩ 
EMC compliance/
Operation temperature-40 °C ~ 105 °C
Degree of protectionIP67


Flammability rating
Acc. to UL94V-0
Contact materialBrass with Gold plated
Insulation materialPA
Shell materialZinc alloy with nickel plated
Sealing materialSilicone
Molding material/


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