BM24 Connectors

Bayonet Connector BM24 4P PlugConnector Field Installation is a cutting-edge connector designed for on-site installation and use. Design and Construction: The Bayonet Connector BM24 4P PlugConnector is meticulously crafted with advanced design principles and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Its unique bayonet-style design facilitates easy insertion and removal, guaranteeing secure connections. Connectivity Performance: This connector offers outstanding electrical connectivity performance, featuring a 4-pin plug suitable for a variety of electrical and communication applications. Its excellent conductivity and stable connection make it an ideal choice for industrial and communication equipment. Convenience of Field Installation: Engineered with on-site installation in mind, the Bayonet Connector BM24 4P PlugConnector streamlines the installation process without the need for complex tools.


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