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Why Industrial Applications Should Prefer Mini-I/O over RJ45 Cable Connectors

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For industrial applications where excellent dependability is required owing to adverse environmental conditions, I/O connector systems are the perfect answer. Right-angle and straight PCB and cable connectors make up the portfolio.

The connectors offer a choice of cable variants and are just 25% the size of traditional RJ45 connectors thanks to their space-saving design.

Why industrial applications should prefer Mini-I/o over RJ45 cable connectors will be discussed in this article. Read on to learn more.

6 Key Benefits of Using Mini-I/O over RJ45 Cable Connectors in Industrial Applications

1. Shock and vibration resistance

The RJ45 cable connector has traditionally been the go-to connector for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. Although the RJ45 is a high-quality connector, it was not intended for use in industrial complexes but rather office settings.

Therefore, it struggles to tolerate the stress and vibration that are typical of industrial applications. The Mini-I/O was created for use in severe environments and industrial settings.

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2. Signal integrity and EMI resistance

In the connected environment of Industry 4.0, signal integrity is essential. With data rates ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, TE's Mini-I/O connections support Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, and PoE++ (IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3bt).

A fully sealed metal solution like the Mini-I/O, with 360-degree metal shielding to keep EMI out, is uncommon in the industrial sector. There is a significant performance difference when compared to systems that are not protected or that are only partially shielded. The signal path design optimizes EMI and signals integrity, and the 360-degree shielding improves Cat6A performance.

3. Durable over time

Metal mating interfaces for Mini I/board O's connection and cable connector are better performing and more resistant to wear over time. This layout reduces contact breaks as well. The RJ45's mating interface is made of more plastic, which is more likely to wear out and needs to be changed more frequently.

4. Space-saving and ergonomic assembly

The Mini I/O provides a dependable tiny wire-to-board connector system for industrial communications that is 25% smaller than the RJ45, which has the advantage of conserving board space and making it more appropriate for Ethernet connections.

The board connectors include five points that increase retention force and prevent connector tilt. They are 260-degree reflow solderable. It cannot be manipulated and can be utilized in pick-and-place devices.

5. Field Installable

When a connector needs to be installed on-site in an industrial setting, field install capability is crucial. Building any industrial network requires installation on legacy 8-wire or 4-wire cabling without the use of special tools in a manner that is both times- and performance-efficient.

Field-installable technology is incorporated into the Mini-I/O enabling simple, quick, and error-free installation. IDC-based field installable cable connectors from Mini-I/O include automatic wire cut-off rather than soldering wire termination, allowing for a quick, tool-free installation while preserving a high-quality connection.

6. Compatibility

Mini-I/O cable assemblies are used to link Mini-I/O devices together as well as Mini-I/O devices to RJ45. This makes it possible to adapt systems as necessary, which is crucial because industrial rollouts frequently use a variety of connectivity protocols.

The RJ45 is perfectly capable of carrying out the task in some locations where stress and vibration are not present, such as at the rollout's edge in a cabinet or behind a closed door. The Mini-I/O would be required on the opposite end, where you had to connect to machinery on the factory floor.

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In general, the Mini-I/O family is a good illustration of industry innovation. The industry is continuously requesting more compact, dependable solutions beyond what is currently offered in the IIoT market.

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