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What Do You Understand By M12 B Coding?

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M12 B coding is connectors that are circular in shape with a 12 millimeter locking thread. There are used for actuators, sensors, Fieldbus, and industrial Ethernet, mainly available in industrial unit automation applications.


They often come with numerous ratings such as ofIP65, IP68, and IP69K. They are perfect for corrosive environments and wash down.


They are existing with several pins numbers such as 3, 4, 5, 8, and 12. Though higher pin numbers are not calculated, other locking styles such as push-pull and bayonet are constantly under development.


The M12 configurations can readily be seen in many plants and applications. These applications include measurement and control, factory automation, food and beverage, communications, transportation, robotics, agriculture, and alternative energy.

 M12 B coding

Users need to choose the exact pin count when it comes to definite applications. For instance, power and sensor make use of 3 and 4 pin count.


While for Ethernet and Profinet use 4 and 8 pins are required. Also, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, and CANbus basically use four and five pin counts, whereas 12 pin counts are designed specifically for signal connection.


However, when sourcing for M12 B coding connector for your various technological applications, always consult a reputable manufacturer and supplier for a sure deal.


The Basic Types of M12 Coding

There are many types and styles of M12 coding connectors. This coding was brought to existence to prevent wrong mating during connections.


Additionally, shielding is part of most M12 coding connectors. X-coding connectors are particularly shielded by the configuration of their coding.


Below are the most available styles and types of coding:

· A-coded designed for DC power, sensors, and 1 Gbit Ethernet

· B-coded specifically designed for Profibus

· C-coded designed for AC power

· D-coded designed for 100 Mbit Ethernet

· X-coded designed for 10 Gbit Ethernet

· S-coded designed for AC power (this coding style is gradually replacing C-coded power parts)

· T-coded designed for DC power (Also, T-Coded is gradually replacing A-coded power parts).


Why B-Coding For Profibus?

We are experiencing new automation gadgets hitting the technology market as the day passes by. Also, the need for each product to be mated with the right cable for optimal operation lead to the development of a B-Coded connector.


Even in normal cable dimensions, there is a variation of connector categories that match up with diverse applications.

 M12 B coding

However, M12 B coding is designed particularly for Profibus. This is because the rounded connectors of the 715/766 chains with B-coded come with a protection category of IP67/IP68 and shielding.


This set of coding connectors are UL approved and contain a freely assemble screw, cage clamp fitting together, crimp, and a molded cable of about 2 meters or 5 meters standard length. They are usually available as flange and cable connectors, with screw locking.


Also, B-coded circular connectors are frequently used in network cables for Fieldbus linking.  The most common and notable example of this system includes the one that applies with Profibus. B coding connectors usually contain between 3 and 5 pin counts.


Are You In Need Of M12 B coding

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