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Unveiling the Technical Prowess of Circular Connectors

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When delving into the intricacies of circular connectors, understanding their technical parameters is paramount. At Amissiontech, we take pride in offering connectors with superior features, ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications. Let's dissect the key technical parameters that set our circular connectors apart.


1. Rated Voltage: Powering Possibilities

Determining a circular connector's maximum voltage capacity is crucial for its standard operation. Amissiontech's connectors boast a versatile range, from 5V to 630V, accommodating various connector types. Our commitment to quality shines through the use of solid gold-plated needles, ensuring stable voltage performance. While cost-cutting alternatives may opt for hollow needles, we prioritize reliability in our connectors.

2. Current Load: Navigating Current Challenges

The current load specification outlines the maximum allowable current under varying temperatures. Amissiontech's circular connectors, designed for temperatures from -25°C to 85°C, support a rated current of 0.5A to 20A. Our connectors are engineered for real-world applications, where not all contacts are consistently energized at maximum ratings. This flexibility is a testament to the reliability of our products.

3. Insulation Resistance: Safeguarding Connections


The insulation resistance of our connectors is a result of meticulous material selection. Whether it's PA66, LCP, PA, TPU for the M series or EPDM for deep-sea connectors, Amissiontech prioritizes insulation to prevent short circuits. We emphasize the crucial role insulation plays in achieving reliable and safe connector functionality.

4. Mechanical Life Cycle: Endurance Beyond Expectations

The insertion and removal cycle life, defining a connector's longevity, is a critical consideration. Amissiontech's choice of solid gold-plated needles ensures durability, preventing wear and maintaining optimal performance throughout the connector's lifespan. Choose longevity; choose Amissiontech.

5. Insulation Compatibility: Preventing Flashovers

Highlighting the importance of minimum air gap and creepage distance, Amissiontech connectors prioritize electrical safety. Factors such as insulating material and environmental pollution influence the minimum creepage distance, ensuring prevention of electrical flashovers.

6. Waterproof Degree: Shielding Against the Elements


In the world of connectors, waterproofing is non-negotiable. Amissiontech's connectors, featuring Silicone and EPDM, consistently achieve an IP67/IP69 waterproof rating. Our commitment to high-performance waterproof capabilities safeguards against water ingress, preventing potential short circuits and equipment damage.

Conclusion: Elevating Connectivity to New Heights

As a pioneer in turnkey custom solutions, Amissiontech's MIL-SPEC circular connectors redefine performance standards. Our industry-leading materials expertise, extensive engineering design experience, and rigorous testing capabilities guarantee reliability in the most challenging environments. Explore our array of circular connectors, from M series to Military Connectors, designed to meet your specific needs. Consult with us, and let Amissiontech elevate your connectivity experience.


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