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Unveiling the Culprits: Factors Behind Poor Contact in Circular Connectors

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The Industrial Circular Waterproof Connector stands as a testament to cutting-edge design, enhanced dependability, and user-friendly features. However, a subset of users has encountered suboptimal contact performance issues during operation, sparking concerns and inconvenience. In this article, we delve into the factors contributing to poor contact in circular connectors.

1. Virtual Welding: Ensuring a Seamless Connection

The inadequate contact in circular connectors can often be traced back to internal problems, such as suboptimal connections and virtual welding defects during the manufacturing process. Amsone addresses this by conducting a meticulous 100% inspection, ensuring that no product leaves with welding defects.

2. Plating Material: The Key Role of Coating Materials

Connectors' pins or terminals are adorned with a plating layer, employing various materials like pure tin, gold, silver, and nickel. The interaction of these coatings during device usage determines the contact performance. Gold, renowned for its high conductivity, plays a pivotal role in ensuring superior contact performance.


3. Chemical Erosion: Battling the Effects of Surface Oxidation

Poor contact in connectors can result from surface oxidation, impacting the overall performance. Storing connectors in environments with high humidity or strong acid/alkali conditions can lead to oxidation and corrosion. Optimal performance is maintained by avoiding such conditions.

4. Contact Pressure: The Balancing Act of Design

Insufficient contact pressure, often stemming from inadequate connector design, is a contributing factor to poor performance. Amissiontech ensures optimal contact by rigorously testing push-pull forces, ensuring that contact pressure meets the required standards. Careful usage is emphasized to prevent deformation of connector joints.


5. Needle Structure: Solidifying Reliability

The internal structure of connectors, particularly the design of contact needles, plays a crucial role. Connectors with a hollow needle structure may be more susceptible to current-bearing challenges. Amsone prioritizes reliability by utilizing solid pins, reducing the risk of short circuits or circuit breaks.


Elevating Connector Performance through Informed Choices

In conclusion, the performance of a connector is intertwined with various factors, each influencing the final cost. Quality has a direct impact on cost, emphasizing the importance of investing in reliable products. Amsone stands as the best partner, offering products that meet the highest quality standards. Choose Amsone for connectors that guarantee optimal performance and reliability.


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