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Specifications and Characteristics of Industrial I/O Connectors

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Industrial I/O connectors are electromechanical devices whose purpose is to quickly and easily disconnect or interrupt a circuit path . Industrial connectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, complexities, and quality levels . Its function dictates its design and different features are added to adjust the ease of connection, type of coupling, durability, insulation between pins, etc.

Keep reading to find out the specifications and characteristics of Industrial i/o connectors in this article.

 Specifications of Industrial I/O Connectors

Because many industrial electrical connectors must perform their jobs in harsh conditions, their construction is often tuned to provide protection from vibrations, extreme temperatures, dirt, water, contaminants, and more. Here are some of the specifications that contribute to its effectiveness:

1. Shell Material

This describes the material that is used to make the outer shell of a plug or socket. Plastic, specifically polyamide is the most widely used material.

2. Conductive material

The material used to make the conductor. For instance, the pins. Brass is the only option today.

3. Current

The main parameter when choosing an industrial plug or socket. There are 16a, 32a, 63a and 125a.

Industrial I/O Connectors

4. Voltage

 Voltage is the other important parameter. There are 110v, 220v, 380v, 415v, etc. Voltage ranges can be more versatile than current. But it is known that only products with a voltage below 1000v are called industrial plugs and sockets. If the voltage is higher, it is called super high voltage products.

5. Number of pins

 Defines how many pins or poles a plug or socket has. Only the plug and socket have the same number of pins that are joined together.

6. Ingress Protection Rating (IP)

 The degree to which a plug or socket is resistant to dust and water. The main categories of industrial water proof connectors are IP44, IP45, IP67. The higher the number, the better the dustproof and waterproof performance.

Characteristics of Industrial I/O Connectors

Industrial electrical connectors are also characterized by the following:

i. They are multiphasic; consists of many parts.

ii. They provide a connection to the electrical network rated at higher voltages and currents than household connectors.

iii. They are generally used in polyphase systems, with high currents, or when protection against environmental hazards is required.

iv. They prevent accidental disconnection from an energized plug.

v. They have a ground connection

vi. Plugs have only four prongs, one ground, and three phases.

vii. They have a component that prevents two oriented connectors from joining incorrectly.

viii. They provide a line disconnect within a circuit.

How to choose the right Industrial I/O connector

The connection may be temporary, for portable equipment, and may require a tool for mounting and removal, or it may be a permanent connection between two cables or devices. A connector will be formed in the majority of occasions, of an insert (plastic part) and the terminals (connection appendages) which will be male or female.

All these I/O connections differ in their design, features and use, so when we intend to choose I/O connectors there are some design criteria that must be taken into account:

i. Form factors and industrial standards.

ii. Adequate connector for the sought application.

iii. Signal speed and current requirements.

iv. Retentions and mechanical requirements.

v. Construction of the cable and electrical performance.

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