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Industrial Connectors Versus Hard Wiring

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 Industrial Connectors are plugs and sockets that serve as an electrical link between main power sources and equipment. They are unique because of their ability to transmit higher voltages than the average household plug or socket.

Hardwiring on the other hand fixed circuit connections which cannot be altered by software. While both serve similar purposes, there are certain advantages industrial connectors have over hard wiring.

The Advantages of Industrial Connectors over Hard Wiring

1. Industrial connectors are time-saving

Hard-wired pieces of equipment are known to take a lot of time when it comes to their being assembled, disassembled and transported. This can lead to delays in transferring equipment due to the technicality of the installation and affect the overall performance of the machine.

Industrial connectors are more time-saving as they are less technical and easier to assemble. They are labeled for easy identification and their assembling and disassembling do not affect the machine's performance.

2.  Industrial connectors save the cost of labor

Hard Wiring requires more hands due because of the time and efforts that go into the testing, repair and connection of components.  It also requires staff with knowledge about the handling of such connections.

Industrial Connectors reduce labor costs to a very large extent as the connection can be done by trained staff members rather than qualified electricians. The connections are easy and don't take too long, so little staff are needed to set up the equipment successfully.

industrial connectors

3. Industrial connectors reduce the amount errors made

Errors such as improper installations, bad or wrong wiring, burnt wires or workplace hazards, are reduced to the barest minimum when using industrial connectors. Unlike hard wiring, they help minimize the amount of activity around the wires.

Also, Industrial connectors are built with features that help them resist excess temperature and avoid excessive vibrations. All of this help prevent errors which help you spend less on maintenance.

4. Industrial connectors are protected against harsh conditions

Hardwiring does not always come with the appropriate protection against environmental factors such as dust, rain or sunshine, which can damage the wires. Due to exposure to such factors, the equipment cannot achieve its maximum function because of constant maintenance.

 Industrial connectors are built with materials and extra features help to keep them dry and dust free. This in turn helps them last longer and perform better.

5.  Industrial connectors prevent wastage of space and wires

Hardwiring involves lots of wire bundles and metal paneling. The Installation of these wires takes up much space within the work environment and even makes some areas to be considered dangerous.

Industrial connectors are user configurable and tend to accommodate different media transmissions and voltages. This means that the number of cables and amount of space required for such operations is lessened as industrial connectors can serve different functions with fewer wires

6. Industrial connectors allow for system flexibility

 Hard wiring is a more permanent system of connections that cannot be swapped or replaced easily. This makes wiring less flexible for manufacturers.

Industrial connectors can be swapped, changed, unplugged and re-plugged without problems to the manufacturing process. Their flexibility is a modern trend in manufacturing where manufacturing activities can be rearranged to support a new activity without changing the existing wiring.

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