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Industrial Connector Market Development Highlights

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Connectors, as the key components of current or signal connections, are also an important part of industrial systems. From airplanes and rockets to small mobile phones and televisions, connectors appear in various forms, building bridges between circuits or other components, and taking on the role of current or signal connections.

industrial connectors

Automotive new energy and electronics drive the growth of demand for automotive connectors

Although the new energy vehicle industry has experienced twists and turns, it is still the general trend! However, traditional connector equipment is difficult to meet its high current and high voltage requirements, so connector manufacturers are also deploying high-power connection products for new energy vehicles.The new demands of the automotive industry are bringing more stringent requirements to traditional connector manufacturers, but it is these new dynamics that will stimulate the automotive connector market to continue to rise in the future.

Let’s not forget that another cutting-edge hot technology in the automotive market—unmanned driving or autonomous driving. Rob Shaddock, executive vice president and chief technology officer of TEConnectivity, said in an interview with the media that it will take at least 5 years for the realization of unmanned driving. However, TE and more connector manufacturers are already in-depth cooperation with many smart car manufacturers. After all, when a new industry hotspot really enters people's lives, no one wants to miss the opportunity, and Let's wait and see the future of the car connector market.

USB Type-C has become a new kinetic energy for connectors in the field of consumer electronics

What drives the rise of USB Type-C is the development trend of "light and thin" consumer electronics. As these devices get smaller and smaller, the power consumption of these devices continues to rise, while at the same time processing ever-increasing amounts of information and data. There is no doubt that manufacturers are facing considerable challenges in how to better implement wireless charging and data transfer of devices. Small-sized, high-performance mobile devices also put forward corresponding requirements for connector suppliers. Connector products must be used in a limited space to make more refined products with various functions, saving space for device manufacturers to add more new products. At present, in order to achieve small size, in addition to extremely fine connectors, there are two other challenges: heat dissipation and mechanical stability. No one wants to see other electronic components damaged due to overheated connectors. And these will also become the problems that connector manufacturers urgently need to solve.

IoT wearables will be the next growth point for connectors

The Internet of Things is still a relatively macro concept, and when it comes to the connector market, we will find that this innovation will continue to be driven by the need for miniaturization, a high degree of on-chip function integration, and targeting ultra-low power (ULP) operation. And the designed system is driven. This trend is particularly evident in wearable devices. While today's global electronic component manufacturers are trying to compete for a place in "wearable" devices, miniaturization is an absolute priority in this regard. The demand for compact low-power devices has now expanded to all aspects of the electronics industry. Let us take the medical field, which is the earliest and most technologically advanced in the wearable field, as an example. It has expanded to a new generation of portable medical devices.

industrial connectors

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