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Circular connectors vs. rectangular connectors: which is better?

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Because it can be difficult for product engineers to select a connector to handle power and data transfer in high-density applications, it is important to partner with a reliable and trusted circular connector manufacturer.

You risk compromising the integrity of your product if you choose the incorrect course of action. Rectangular or circular designs are the two standard options when choosing an industrial electrical connector.

With options for the number of contacts, contact diameter, shell size, and combinations, both can be bought or specially made.

They can be shelled in metal or plastic. Also possible is mounting both on a board.However, there are several benefits that circular connectors have over rectangular connectors that they do not.

The Installation of Circular Connectors

In contrast to rectangular connectors, circular connectors are more frequently used for free-hanging connections and are simpler to mount on a panel.

To ensure a solid connection, their fastening system might be threaded, bayonet, or snap-lock.

Circular connectors are sometimes misunderstood as being unsuitable for applications with spatial constraints. But using this kind of connector design in confined locations is now viable thanks to the development of miniature circular connectors.

Circular Connectors for Extreme Environments

The robust design of circular connections distinguishes them from rectangular connectors as one of their most important characteristics. The closed-entry female contact design of these circular connectors, together with secure threaded or push-pull coupling choices, prevents water or dust penetration and maintains a tight seal even under the harshest environmental circumstances.

When to Choose Circular Connectors

1. If the product must have ingress protection and an IP-67 or higher grade

2. When a small, durable design is required for corrosive, extreme environmental conditions.

3. When electrical connections need to be shielded from intense EMI/RFI

4. When a fast, reliable mating system is required to endure pressure, stress, temperature, and vibration

5. To comply with IEC and RoHS compliance criteria

Common Applications

The manufacturing of medical devices, food and beverages, automobiles, and other sorts of machinery all regularly use circular connectors.

These connections are also appropriate for the production of rubber and plastics and are frequently used in oil and gas, mining, shipping, and other harsh environment-related industrial applications.

Three factors will determine which circular connector is best:

  1. Wire gauge

  2. Amperage

  3. Environment

In Need Of a High-Quality Circular Connector?

The achievement of your interconnect solution will depend on some aspects, hence, it is important to partner with a reliable and trusted circular connector manufacturer.

At Amissiontech Co., Ltd we have the requisite technology to design the best quality product with a long life span. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the industry.

We have a team of young, dynamic, and experienced individuals who can create a high-quality circular connector using grade-A materials

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