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Applications Of Special Drag Chain Cables

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Special drag chain cables are designed for use in applications where cables need to be constantly moving and bending, such as in robotic arms, automated machinery, and other types of automated equipment.

They provide stability to the braided structure inside the cable, thus avoiding the corkscrew effect and conductor breakage.

They also have optimized drivers that prevents the conductors from breaking, which guarantees a long service life for the cable in constant movement in the energy chain, even with small bending radii.

This is why they are vastly applied to a lot of things, some of which we'll discuss in this blog post.


Applications of Special Drag chain cables

These cables are made with materials that can withstand continuous flexing and bending without breaking or becoming damaged. Some of the most common uses of special drag chain cables include:

1. Robotics

Special drag chain cables are commonly used in robotic arms and other automated machinery, where they can be subjected to constant movement and bending. These cables are designed to be flexible, durable, and resistant to damage from repeated flexing.

Power M12 T Code 4P Female Pre-molded Drag Chain Cable AMSONE

2. Automation

Automated equipment requires cables that can move freely without becoming tangled or damaged. Special drag chain cables are used in a variety of automated equipment, such as conveyor systems, printing machines, and packaging equipment.

3. Heavy machinery

In heavy machinery applications, such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators, special drag chain cables are used to connect sensors, controllers, and other components.

These cables are designed to withstand the harsh environments and heavy use associated with heavy machinery.

4. Medical equipment

 Special drag chain cables are also used in medical equipment, such as MRI machines and surgical robots.

These cables are designed to be flexible, lightweight, and able to withstand repeated bending and flexing without breaking or becoming damaged.

Special Drag Chain Cables

5. Automotive

 Automotive manufacturers use special drag chain cables in their assembly lines, where the cables are subjected to constant movement and bending. These cables are designed to be durable, flexible, and resistant to damage from oil, heat, and other environmental factors.

Overall, special drag chain cables are used in a wide range of applications where flexibility, durability, and resistance to damage are critical factors.


How To Choose The Right Drag Chain Cable

Cables for energy chains feed and/or control mobile machines and for this reason it is of vital importance to guarantee a perfect functioning of the system (transport of energy, control, data and communication).

During the useful life of a cable, it will be subjected to millions of movements in very confined spaces, friction, very high travel speeds, as well as constant acceleration and deceleration.

Other factors such as bend radius, harsh industrial environments, service temperatures, and contact with aggressive chemicals will also affect the longevity of the cable. You should consider the following;

i. Application (Power, control, data, communication)

ii. Type of chain (Metallic or plastic)

iii. Internal dimensions of the chain

iv. Chain length

v. Velocity of displacement

vi. Acceleration / Deceleration

vii. Radius of curvature

viii. Environment (Temperature, contact with chemical products)

ix. Regulations.


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Continuous motion applications require special cables with excellent mechanical resistance.  In automated applications such movements quickly deteriorate conventional cabling.

Using the right cable has a direct impact on the reliability of automation equipment. Understanding this allow us to take the appropriate precautions during its design phase to suit our customers.  Kindly check it out here


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