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Annual Meeting Ceremony, Gathering Together!

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Time keeps passing, and we will not stop moving forward. The footsteps of winter are getting faster and faster. Amissiontech welcomes its annual grand event. At the annual meeting, everyone gathers together to enjoy our joyful moments. This annual meeting is not only a celebration, but also an opportunity for unity and motivation. It gives us the opportunity to review the past, thank the present, and look forward to the future.


Reviewing Brilliant Achievements

In the past year, we have faced challenges together, moved forward together, and achieved remarkable achievements. Whether it is in product innovation, market expansion, or service upgrading, everyone is fully committed. Every step forward in the company embodies the wisdom and sweat of all employees. These achievements not only enhance the company's competitiveness in the industry, but also earn us widespread recognition from customers and partners.

Praising Outstanding Talents

At the annual meeting, we particularly recognize individuals and teams who have performed well in the past year. They are not afraid of difficulties and have the courage to innovate, making indelible contributions to the development of the company. By presenting awards and honors, we express our deepest gratitude to them. Their stories inspire every employee and inspire us to work harder.

Vision for the Future

Standing at a new starting point, we look forward to the future with confidence. In the coming year, we will continue to work hard, constantly explore and strive, and demand ourselves with higher standards. We believe that through the joint efforts of our team, we can overcome all challenges and achieve Amisiontech's long-term development goals.

The annual meeting went very smoothly. We not only shared our achievements, but also shared our dreams and hopes. Finally, we would like to extend our sincerest wishes to all employees, and wish our team continued success in the new year, working together to write a new chapter in the company's development!


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