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Amissiontech Showcases High-Quality Industrial Connectors at Beijing International Automotive Manufacturing & Industrial Assembly Exhibition

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Beijing, China - Amissiontech Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of industrial connectors and cable harnesses, is excited to participate in the Beijing Automotive & Industrial Exhibition from June 7th to June 9th. Located at Booth W1031, the company aims to showcase its cutting-edge products and innovative solutions to industry professionals and enthusiasts.

At the exhibition, visitors can explore Amissiontech's wide range of industrial connectors, including M8/M9/M12/M16/M23, 7/8" connectors, as well as deep-sea watertight connectors and cable harnesses. The company's design capabilities and modern facilities enable them to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers.


Amissiontech takes pride in its certification with ISO9001 and UL standards, attesting to the company's commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in its manufacturing processes. Moreover, Amissiontech products are UL/CE/ISO/RoHS certified, ensuring compliance with various international quality and safety regulations.

Visitors to Booth W1031 will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and applications of Amissiontech's products with the company's representatives. They will be available to share technical expertise and explore potential collaborations.


For more information about Amissiontech and their products, please visit their website at or visit their booth at the Beijing Automotive & Industrial Exhibition, Booth W1031.


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